Antiquing with Carol and Glenda Yesterday

Blue suede shoes 001Yesterday, was one of those days where I wondered if I could get it all in. When Carol knew she was coming in for a coupleBlue suede shoes 014 of weeks her mom, Glenda, wanted to know when we could go antiquing. Well, it was the dog’s day to be beautified and it was my weigh-in day with M.J. the Dietician. We worked it out where we dropped Lucas the Tail-less Wonder Dog off in Perry County at 10:00. Then we went to Benton/Bryant antiquing. Back to get Lucas and then on to my meeting with M.J. at 5:00. I was exhausted. But, we managed to find several goodies at 2 stores. Great day with very good ole friends!stuffe 1Taxes, yard, leah's quilt 003

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Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Old Quilt Tops and Scraps

AQG July 2015 meting 068Only Joan and I went to the Arkansas Quilters meeting Monday night from here. It came a thunderstorm and we were driving really slow on the way. But, they were stopped on the west bound lanes and no one was going nowhere. It was backed up from Mayflower all the way into North Little Rock.  I needed to go to get my red crayon quilt from Mary Jane, and Beverly and Kathy send emails that they were bringing me some scraps and old stuff. I ended up with 6 bags and two quilt tops. The tops were from Pam. She told me to do anything I wanted to with them. I may cut the up and put the back together weirdly. I loaded as I acquired so when we left it wouldn’t be a bunch at one time.  did go through soe of the bags and boxes. There are pink background fan quilt blocks that will be put into a to real soon. Thanks gals for all the stuff. Will be fun to see what I do with 1top 2

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Arkansas Quilters Guild – July 2014 Meeting

The Arkansas Quilters Guild had their regular July meeting in Little Rock. We traveled in a thunderstorm to get there. It was slow go for a while. The program was two of our own: Sally Burrup and Liz Ketchersize. It was really a great meeting getting to know how these two got started in quilting and to see the progression of their work. Really a good night!!! Thanks!

Meeting 1Meeting twoMeeting 3SallyLiz

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Banana Nut Bread – Yum Yum!!!

cinnaon sticks and banana nut bread 011You know the old saying, if someone gives you lemons, make lemonade. Same goes for bananas. If you got real ripe bananas, make banana nut bread. I had bad bananas and hated to lose that money. So, I got out my Devil Dog Cookbook and made banana nut bread. Of course I had to go to the store for milk, eggs, baking powder and flour, but I had the rest. Follow the instructions. It really works better if you do. I made 3 batches and had to put them in 3 different baking dishes. They all came out OK and really taste good.  I waited until they cooled and I wrapped them up in Saran Wrap and froze them. I sure can’t eat 3 loaves by myself. Well, I can but I don’t want to. I’ll share with friends. LOL!cinnaon sticks and banana nut bread 009cinnaon sticks and banana nut bread 013

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Trash to Treasure – Cinnamon Bread Sticks

 cinnaon sticks and banana nut bread 003I hate throwing out food. I hate wasting food. So, when I’m eatng out and have leftovers I take them home. Example: If I don’t eat all the rolls at Colton’s I ask for a box. I take them home. (They are going to throw them out.) I cut them up in cubes and season them and bake them on 200 for about an hour and they make wonderful croutons. Okay, I ate super with Mama, The Ettman/Giovannini clan at Penjamo’s last night. When we got through there were 5 packages of the flat bread/tortillas left. people just gave them to e. I brought them home and cut them in strips. I melted a stick of butter and poured over them. Then I got sugar and cinnamon and sprinkled those on generously. I baked the at 350 degrees until brown. I waited until they cooled to put them in a Ziploc. They are wonderful with ice cream or with strawberries on top.cinnamoncinnaon sticks and banana nut bread 008

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I Made Janet’s Granddaughter a Purse

quilt camp Mt. Eagle FF Finds 020At quilt camp Janet was making her granddaughter a fabric book with all the learning bells and whistles in it. It was absolutely one of the cutest things I have ever seen. She used her scrapbooking and her quilting techniques to get it all done. And it was done so well. When she got through she handed me her scraps from the handles and backing. I told her she could make something out of it. She laughed and when she went to bed I made her granddaughter a purse/mini-tote to match her new book. I know. Kinda strange, but that’s what I teach, making something from nothing.quilt camp Mt. Eagle FF Finds 019quilt camp Mt. Eagle FF Finds 020quilt camp Mt. Eagle FF Finds 018

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Glenda’s Pink Layer Cake Quilt Top

stuff July Sit and sew Conway 023My friend, Glenda, gave me a pink layer cake. Sounds edible, but it is a stack of 10 inch fabrics from a line. You buy the layer cake and make a quilt based on the fabrics stacked. Well, she gave me a drawing of what she wanted and the size for a snuggle quilt for her recliner she takes naps in.  I went to Pinwheel Fabrics in Benton and found the border fabric. I cut the whole quilt out at camp and sewed it all together Saturday at sit and sew in Conway. She will have it quilted. Can’t wait to hand it to her next week. Hope you like it, Mrs. Glenda!!!Glenda 1Glenda 2

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