July Birthdays At Friends

 I was invited to attend a dinner party in honor of Becky’s, Robin’s and my July birthday at Ben and Debbie’s Thursday night.  Debbie had texted me about a week ago and asked me what  was my favorite thing to eat in the whole wide world. I told her peanut M&M’s. Then she texted back:  I mean a real meal. Oh……….. I said, “Southern fired chicken, mashed tators, green peas, Diet Coke and apple pie. Served in the old Southern manner.” Well, I got my meal.B and D  She done reeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaal good! Ben got off early to help fry the chicken and when I got there I got to watch how real Southern gravy made from the dripping of fried chicken was made. He made it just like my Mama does. I could have drunk the bowl. Well, it was Ben and Debbie, Steve and Robin, Becky, and me.  We had the fired chicken, biscuits, roll,s gravy, squash casserole, green beans, mashed tators, and strawberries with pound cake and vanilla ice cream. I don’t know when I have had a better meal. Deeeee-Lish!!!  We stacked dishes and went to the living room and just visited and visited. Elizabeth came in and she took our birthday group picture. That was more fun!! Now, what are we going to do next week?????French seam, ben and Debbie, Finds Beebe 038

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Happy Birthday to Me!!! July 22, 2014

557449_3630807688617_1027101536_n[1]Tuesday, July 22, was my birthday. Yesterday, I got 2 birthday cards in the mail. One from Mama and one from Darlene. That’s what made me realize my birthday was today. Today was a  typical summer day. I got up at 6:30 and put the dishes up from the dishwasher. I dried a load of clothes. I did the pictures and wrote 4 blog posts.  I took a bath. I got the quilts from my lecture into the house and up stairs.  I went to get a Dietbirthday  23 Coke at Rhonda’s and she gave it to me and wished me Happy Birthday!!! I went on to the bank. Checked on stuff. Got money. Went and paid bill at All-State.  Then I went to Plummer’s Flowers and got a couple of things and I bought a gift for a friend. When I was newly divorced, on my birthday, and years later, I would go on a buying trip and buy something special on my birthday for me. Well, I did it so long that I decided I didn’t need anything, and now I buy something for someone else and give it to them on my birthday. So, today I figured out who it was going to be this year and went shopping. Since I don’t need anything, it gives me great pleasure to give a gift to a friend. I wish I had kept a list all these years. I remember Carol, Glenda, Debbie, Ray, Myron, Mona,……..  well, I’m old and forgetful. LOL! Anyway it’s just something I like to do. Oh, if you are reading this and have gotten a birthday present from me, let me know.  JoClaire called and I went down to Hunt A Bunch and they are all auction now. No Flea Market. It was time for me to birthday 001go to see M.J. the Dietician. I lost one pound, even being gone to Nashville this weekend. I went out to Yesterday’s and ate a rib eye by myself and talked to Sharon. While eating a I got a video text from Hamp. Really neat! Then, when I got back in the car it didn’t start. I went to Jones’ Northside and Marty looked at it. Can’t tell what’s wrong now.  Just got a new battery last week. Came home and took a nap. That’s going to be rough when school starts. No Nap. When I got home I had a present from Dianna and one frombutton 001 Glenda & Herman. Oh, Judy came by and brought a gift from she and JoClaire and one from Jeanie. Liz called and gave wishes. I’ve gotten tons of greetings from my Facebook friends. I’ve tried to thank each one, but may be too many. Got the mail. Cards from Becky, Anne and Ben, and Pat W.  Judy just called and wants me to meet her and Jeanie and Jimmy at the Chinese place for supper.  I went and it was good. Jeanie bought my supper. I’m home now and fixing to watch TV. The good thing about July 22 is that I share a birthday with my insurance lady Mary Ann Lollis,  an ex-student and the mother of 3 kids I teach, Susan Dumas, Skipper’s grandson Landon, and the 3rd in line to the throne of England, Prince George.



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Summer Painting with Ashleigh and Anna Grace

Saline County, Lois Hall, Blue suede shoes 007Ashleigh and Anna wanted to paint some this summer and so did I. But, the only problem is scheduling. We’s busy people. We did get one session in and I know we can do more when school starts back for me. Ashleigh worked on an Arkansas Razorback Fayetteville 4 canvas thing and Anna is working on a button tree acrylic painting. I painted Ashleigh a Tri Delt giraffe picture for her new room at the UofA. We have lots of fun!!A Anna

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What Costs $195.00 and You Get Nothing?

birthday 006While driving on Hwy 64 to Wynne I got pulled over for speeding. Dianna and I was talking and no one was anywhere around, so I wasn’t paying attention. I see him and it’s too late. I slowed down and sure enough he pulls out with lights. I stop. Long story short I’m in the Patterson Speed Trap. Now Patterson, AR is a hole in the wall. It is so much a hole it doesn’t exist. The officer’s name was DeWitt, which pleased Ms. D, because she came from Dewitt. Nice man.  I gave him my license and proof of insurance. He asked for the registration. Now the registration card is the thing you get your tags on. I just didn’t happen to have it in the car. Well, I got a ticket not for speeding, but for not having that piece of paper. Now that’s confusing to me. If I have tags and proof of insurance on my Dodge Journey and I have my license with my name and picture, why do I must have that piece of paper. Oh, I forgot. Speed Trap. That’s how they make their money. Well, I have to mail the check to Agusta City Hall since there really is no Patterson. It was just for $195.00. Not to worry…I got purses that cost more than that! LOL!birthday 006


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The Group Group Meets at Mary Lou’s in Dennard

thubbb - CopyOur Group Group, (never have ever figured out why Pat didn’t want to name our group) met at Mary Lou’s in Dennard for our July meeting.  It was Mary Lou, Sherry, Evelyn, Kelley, me and Brenda. Susan and Jean let the weather scare them off and Pat was signing papers that day. We had a great time. Just visited and visited. We had our sack lunch out on the screened-in porch and it was so nice. Mary Lou made strawberry short-cake and it was de-lish!!!!!!!!! We all had a great time with all of our shows and tells. We missed the ones that weren’t there. Hope to see you all at the next conclave.thubbbML 1 Continue reading

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Ms. D. went to Nashville with Me to See the Grands

mary's, nashville, Dianna 152Last year when I was asked to go to Nashville, I called Dianna Denton to see if she wanted to ride to see Jerod, Rebecca and the grandkids, Sawyer and Parker. Of course she said she would go. We really had a good time catching up. When she retired and is doing her own thing now, we hardly can get in touch with each other. We’re both so busy. So, we had a blast talking all the way there and back. Did your ears burn??? LOL!mary's, nashville, Dianna 151

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McNamara’s Irish Pub, Nashvlle, TN

mary's, nashville, Dianna 148After the quilt lecture we packed up and went to see Mike and Ginger’s new house. They just moved in and they still have boxes. But, the house was really neat with lots of

Mike and Ginger Fondren

Mike and Ginger Fondren

room and lots of storage. They picked well. Really a neat house. For supper we went to McNamara’s Irish Pub. Several of the quilters from Ginger’s group met us and Ron and Jenny Doan came, also. We had a blast and the food was fantastic!!!!!!! An appetizer that was great was a boiled egg deep fat fried in sausage and a crispy crust. mary's, nashville, Dianna 146Wonderful! I ordered grilled chicken wrapped in bacon, broccoli and cheese and corn casserole. It was one of the best meals I have ever had! The owner is a musician and has two other guys play with him. Of course they played Irish music and it was really, really good. One guy played 7 different instruments. The owner is close friends and he came over and introduced himself. It was a very good ending to a great day. Thanks, Mike and Ginger!!!

Mike's new playroom.

Mike’s new playroom.

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