Visiting a Friend in Hot Springs Village

PP Purse 002My dear friend, Pat W., called to check in this past weekend. She had been sick and I haven’t been able to see her. She was the reason we started our button club many years ago. She moved from Texas to Hot Springs Village. She was a wonderful resource for our button club. She is so smart and knows so much. We disbanded a couple of years ago, but we stillpat w. Hot springs 006 keep in touch. She called to tell me she had found a few things for me and if I was in the neighborhood to please call. Well,  thought about it that night and called her back the next day. I go back to school next Tuesday, so we made plans to eat at Molly O’Brien’s close to the Balboa Gate Thursday. Taco Wednesday Debbie needed to go to a store there so we went together. We had a good visit and got there a little early. Pat W. came and we had the best lunch. I think both the gals enjoyed each other. What Pat W. hadat W 1 brought was a shop hop fabric game, a block of the month Christmas quilt pattern book, a turquoise glass fish bottle, a feed sack, a large piece of Heifer International fabric, a quilt top and a purse with a petit point handle. Everything was simply a wonderful surprise!!!!HS 1 After we left and pick up Debbie’s thing we went to the Central Market Antique Store on Central Avenue. I found a Victorian brass frame, a 1950’s ceramic candle holder, and a metal filigree tooth-brush holder to make a scissor holder out of. We had a great day! I came home and took a nap and then cooked turkey and rice w. 2

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A New Flea Market East of Conway

Rust Gold mary's flowers 050On the way to Searcy the other day I saw a new flea market/antique  store east of Conway on Hwy 64.  I think the name was Rusty Gold. It was a neat shop with lots of vendors and really decorated nice. Today, I wanted to go and I called Debbie to see if she wanted to eat out and see the new store. She did, and we had the best lunch at the Cast Iron Skillet. Then off to junking. The man was real nice and told us he had had a store at Vilonia that the tornado had blown away. So, they started up this one. Really neat. I got a lamp base, an oval pressed glass jar, 2 sterling silver candleholders, a hand-painted glass globe, and an aluminum toy pie pan.Finds 1Rusty gold 1

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While Antiquing in Beebe We Ran into Pat

Roy dudley beebe Flea market 020Roy dudley beebe Flea market 005When we went to Beebe after the Roy Dudley Sale we ran into Pat at one of the malls. She needed something for her new house. We went to 5 stores and had a ball looking. But, of course I bought, too. Some of the stuff was so good and soooooooooooooo cheap I just kept on piling the junk up. We had fun.BB 1 Continue reading

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Sacred Heart’s New Construction

Rust Gold mary's flowers 004This summer as I drove by Sacred Heart I watched the new construction on the north wall of the high school.  They took out all those windows and the blue panels on the bottom. It matched the same look as the elementary building. The arched windows make it. It really looks great.  went in yesterday to see Annise and on that wall inside they made bookcases and locked cabinets for the teachers. I’m sure all the teachers are so excited.  I know would be if  had a new look. I teach in the convent on the second floor. I have the smallest room in the school and I service the most kids. LOL!Sacred 1

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Third Trip to Searcy to Buy a Dining Table

Roy Dudley  last day  Searcy 005Roy Dudley had an estate sale in Searcy. I went on Friday with a dealer friend. He had gone on Thursday, but called and wanted me to go on Friday. On the way home we got to Beebe and we turned around and went back to Searcy to get something. Then he went back yesterday, and then he took me again today. There was a dining room table that was round andMarble  Table had white marble on to. It looked so much like the tables I bought from Linda, I went home measured and decided to get it. (See the other tables on psot:  )  Today it was 20% off. I was wanting a square 4-legged table, but this turned out better than I expected. It fit just right and the chairs I had really does look good with it.  I always either putting up a card table for added seating or I always need something to serve off of. Perfect, perfect, perfect!!! After i got the table I started looking at the leftover stuff. The sale has been going since Thursday and the small stuff was 50% off today. Well, I looked and stuff just jumped in my arms. Got some really good bargains. Take a look:Roy 1

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Roy Dudley Estate Sale This Weekend in Searcy

Roy dudley beebe Flea market 004I got an email telling that Roy Dudley would be having an estate sale in Searcy this weekend. I sent the email to my antique dealer friend and my friend Pat who lives in Searcy. She called and told me who he was and that he had lived over seas in Japan for a long period of time. There were lots of photos with tons of stuff.  Pat said she wouldn’t go because she was movingRD 4 and y dealer friend called and told me he went on Thursday with his wife. He then told me I was going friday and I was taking him. LOL! So, we left early and went by to see Pat’s new house. Lovely Another story and post some day. We got to the sale at 10:00, and yes it was my kind of junk. I bought the usual stuff and junk and we had a great time.  Then we left and went to Beebe to antique. Ran into Pat. She was looking for a cabinet thingy for the new house. Well, he had sent a picture of some things to a friend. Well, the  friend wanted two of them, so we went back to Searcy and got them. Then went back to Beebe and finished “teeking.” A really good day!!!!RD 1RD 2RD 3


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Latest Storm Leaves More Limbs Down in Deerwood.

limbsThe other day when I drove in I noticed that a huge big limb was in my neighbor’s yard. They were gone so I called her sister to tell them. I went across the street and looked to see if any of the debris broke a window or tore off shingles. Really nothing but a big limb in the yard. Well, I was home and it was getting dark the next day and I  called my insurance man and told him that I had a new leak above the second window in the sun room and I didn’t want any damage. The last time I had roof damage they said it was existing and they didn’t pay anything. So, he came over. While we stood there waiting for the rain to drip in, we had one big-ass storm! We watched the trees sway and bend like they were doing aerobics. I found out that most of the neighborhood had no electricity. The next day I got out and there were limbs and leaves everywhere. We really had had a big storm.  I couldn’t believe all the limbs that were down around the hood.

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