Sue Brings Friends for Lunch and a Tour

Roy 1, Roy 2, Morrilton with G, August 2014 009My friend, Sue Hankins, from Little Rock had guests coming for a visit. She called and wanted to know if I would let them come up for lunch. She has done this before and we have all had a great time. I prepare a good meal and they come to what Sue calls “The Gatling Museum.” It gives her friends something different to do and I get to clean up the house and cook for a bunch that I like to do. She pays for everything just like it was a restaurant. I was in school, but out that day at 11:30 so they met me at the house at 12:00. It was during oneSue 1 of those very hot days and I decided to do a cold plate. I made chicken salad with grapes and pecans, egg and olive salad, with 3 kinds of crackers, relish tray, carrots and celery and ranch, and dessert. All served in the great Southern manner. I got to use my new round marble top Victorian table I put at the end of the dining room. It was smaller and easier to use with the 3 luncheon guests. But, I did set the big table for Sue, because she loves seeing how I use all the appointments. They got to go through the whole house and got to see all the collections. The purse closet, I think, was their favorite. We all had a great time. I prepared so much that I had friends over that night and did it again. Thanks, Sue. I hope I gave your friends some good memories.

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Dresden Flowers Found at the Base of the Mountain

dresdenOn the way up the mountain in the rain last weekend I passed the flea market. I had never stopped there and decided that way the day. I drove in and it looked like just junk. But, when I went in there was stuff everywhere. Now not great stuff but good clean stuff. I found some wooden knitting needles and some small craft heads to make things out of and some old colored jingle bells. As I went across an aisle there was the most gorgeous stack of dinner plates. Really pretty. I mean REALLY PRETTY. They were marked $2.00 each. Well, sir, I took one to the counter and continued looking.  On another table there was a vegetable bowl, a gravy boat, and a creamer for $12.00. Then I spotted 5 salad plates and 2 fruits, and a salad bowl. As I was checking out the woman threw in the 8 smaller pieces, When I got to Liz and Pete’s  started looking upDresden Plates 1 on the net. These dishes were made in 1935 in Czechoslovakia by the manufacturer Pirkenhammer. They go by a number instead of a name. The nickname is Dresden Florals or Dresden Flowers. The stock number is 11281. The neat thing is that they come in four different floral mix and match designs.  I have 3 different patterns in the dinner plates. But, the stuff the woman gave e  there was 4 different salad plates. AtRreplacements the cost of the salad was $12, the fruit was $8, and the salad bowl $12. So, she really gave me $98 worth of dishes. I couldn’t find a price on the dinner plates. Seems they are hard to find. A friend told me that they probably would go for around $30 each. So, I got about $520 worth of dishes for $28. Well, I talked myself into going back to the store and getting the gravy boat, vegetable bowl and the creamer. Now they were from the Johann Seltmann Company and made in Bavaria during the same time. But they look so much like the others I got them for $12. I washed them in the dishwasher and they came out beautiful. Can’t wait to use them in a big party. One never knows what one will find.


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Antiquing and Flea Marketing in Hot Springs

Roy 1, Roy 2, Morrilton with G, August 2014 045When Deanna and I went to Hot Springs to do their guild lecture we antiqued on the way. We went to about 5 stores and really found some goodies. One store was going out of business and everything was 40 % off. So we really shopped. I found 2 silver plated pie servers, cranberry servers, tongs, and a cranberry server, and a boiled egg lifter I was really looking for. I got a a Dolche and Gabanna evening bag for $6. It has a big D G in rhinestones for Dot Gatling. Got a ceramic cat in cushion, a blown glass I cushion, a miniatureHS 1 mustache cup for a present, and an Elfinware box. Then there was a crystal round paperweight, and a small, maybe a child’s bon-bon server, and a crystal toothpick holder. One of my most interesting finds was a large wooden woman container from the 40’s. I have a small man and a small woman perfume bottle. Really neat. I found a mallard duck for Blake, and a mustache cup for Matt and Fina. Oh, I got a wooden piano for the grandkids to give to their grandmother for Christmas. I’ve already started toile panting it. I’ll show y’all later. I added a new china salt shaker to my collection, a iniature bisque Grecian woman, a hand-painted small dish, and a Dresden piece for $2. I found out that is worth about $20. Got a great white oak basket, a wooden doll high chair and a wooden tray. I am restoring the wooden tray now. Great finds. Great day.

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Guest Lecturer for the Hot Springs Guild

Roy 1, Roy 2, Morrilton with G, August 2014 032I was invited to be the guest speaker for the Hot Springs Guild for the August meeting. My car has been acting up. Long story short it, didn’t start on the day I was going to do the lecture and so Deanna took me. We loaded the three bags of quilts and top and away we went. We wanted to antique on the way and we did. We ate supper and then went to the meeting. That is a great bunch there in Hot Springs. I really like going. I was first and they seemed to really like what I make, and how I do things with leftover blocks and scraps. We got home before 9:30 and unloaded the quilts and the antique finds. Great day!!! (The finds will be on another post.)HS 1HSG 2

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I Found Jesus on Hwy 64 with Bargains Galore!!!

oval frame, bargans Galore, 1st day of school Sacred Heart 123This weekend is the Bargains Galore on Highway 64. It’s a basically a flea market from Fort Smith to Beebe and maybe even further. I hit a few booth on the main drag of town Thursday, and then after school yesterday I went to Menifee. I stopped along the way. Yes, I did find Jesus. It is a wooden cross and a gold figure crucifix for 50 cents. I got it for my prayer wall at school. I collect crosses and crucifixes and display them at Scared Heart. I found a huge with ceramic turkey platter at one place in Plumerville for $2.00, so I got it for Liz. Then at the next place I found another one and got it for $2.00. I found a crystal rose bowl, and two crystal Christmas trees for $1.00 each.  I got a white restraunt creamer for 25 cents.  Oh, the best deal of the day was a White HouseB G 1 dessert plate I got for $1.00 in the original box with all the info. It was a President Thomas Jefferson pattern. I had started collecting them in the 80’s and stopped, because they got up to $32.50 plus tax. They were way too much for my pocketbook back then. This was really a bargain.  I got a 1950’s Easter basket for a buck, and a hand-blown glass piano for 25 cents. I stopped at Mrs. Dixie’s sale at her mother’s house in Plumerville. I got a pair ceramic cherubs standing by a bird bath, a crystal napkin holder, a set of Dutch Doll quilt blocks for $5.00, and got her mother’s coffee grinder for $5.00.  A really neat find!! Going again tomorrow with friends. Hope I find more bargains. Boy, is it thundering!!! Fixin’ ta rain again.


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Visiting a Friend in Hot Springs Village

PP Purse 002My dear friend, Pat W., called to check in this past weekend. She had been sick and I haven’t been able to see her. She was the reason we started our button club many years ago. She moved from Texas to Hot Springs Village. She was a wonderful resource for our button club. She is so smart and knows so much. We disbanded a couple of years ago, but we stillpat w. Hot springs 006 keep in touch. She called to tell me she had found a few things for me and if I was in the neighborhood to please call. Well,  thought about it that night and called her back the next day. I go back to school next Tuesday, so we made plans to eat at Molly O’Brien’s close to the Balboa Gate Thursday. Taco Wednesday Debbie needed to go to a store there so we went together. We had a good visit and got there a little early. Pat W. came and we had the best lunch. I think both the gals enjoyed each other. What Pat W. hadat W 1 brought was a shop hop fabric game, a block of the month Christmas quilt pattern book, a turquoise glass fish bottle, a feed sack, a large piece of Heifer International fabric, a quilt top and a purse with a petit point handle. Everything was simply a wonderful surprise!!!!HS 1 After we left and pick up Debbie’s thing we went to the Central Market Antique Store on Central Avenue. I found a Victorian brass frame, a 1950’s ceramic candle holder, and a metal filigree tooth-brush holder to make a scissor holder out of. We had a great day! I came home and took a nap and then cooked turkey and rice w. 2

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A New Flea Market East of Conway

Rust Gold mary's flowers 050On the way to Searcy the other day I saw a new flea market/antique  store east of Conway on Hwy 64.  I think the name was Rusty Gold. It was a neat shop with lots of vendors and really decorated nice. Today, I wanted to go and I called Debbie to see if she wanted to eat out and see the new store. She did, and we had the best lunch at the Cast Iron Skillet. Then off to junking. The man was real nice and told us he had had a store at Vilonia that the tornado had blown away. So, they started up this one. Really neat. I got a lamp base, an oval pressed glass jar, 2 sterling silver candleholders, a hand-painted glass globe, and an aluminum toy pie pan.Finds 1Rusty gold 1

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