The Ugliest Thing I Ever Bought and the Best Bargain Ever

door 001On the way to Ferndale Saturday I stopped at 2 yard sales. The first one was in Perry and a young girl was selling. I got a small painted cabinet with 2 doors and 3 shelves for 50 cents and a mini EtchaSketch for 10 cents. Then I stopped in the middle of no where, way past Perryville and there was a huge yard sale. Several cars and trucks had pulled up and stuff was ugly paintingeverywhere. I got the ugliest thing I have ever gotten anywhere and I spent $5.00 on it. It was a huge Mexican orange and lime green hand-painted and signed painting with LIGHTS in the back and a cord. HORRIBLE with a ton of dust on it. I wanted the carved wooden gold frame. The I found a china santa and a Lenox limited edition Santa for a buck each. I got an oval gold and green frame and a glass frame for 50 cents each. ThenPc2 there was a marble base for 50 cents, a metal egg and bird for $1.00, a brand new tablecloth that fits my kitchen table that I think she threw in, she also gave me a carved easel. I got 4 cute old china angel ornaments, a china doll head, 2 wooden crosses for me to burn, a white wooden and metal shelf, a really neat print in a great frame,a wooden holder with 4 porcelain knobs, and 2 leaded glass lamp shades $1.00 each.  Then the best bargain ever was an oil lantern. What was so great was it lookedpc 3 really good but the color was one I have never seen. Brenda said it was Amber. It looks light brown to me, but it could be the inch of dust and dirt on it. I got it for…….. are you ready???? $1.50.  When I handed it to the woman she really paused and I thought she wasn’t going to sell it to me. The only thing she said was, “Stupid Brother!” I only spent $17.10 on the first load. As I was loading, I went back to look at 5 pair of glass door knobs. Now, I didn’t need them but Debbie has been looking for them. So, he wanted $10 a pair which was $50. I got him down to $25. $5.00 each!! Unheard of! (Yes, Debbie wants them. LOL!) It was a good day!!!!

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Arkansas Quilters Guild – AWOL 2014

shannonArkansas Quilters Guild  – AWOL 2014. We had our fall AWOL  retreat this weekend at the Ferndale 4-H Center.  I didn’t get my head in the game so I didn’t go for the weekend. I just went for the day Saturday. Everyone was busy working and having a blast. Fabric and supplies were everywhere. There were 2 rooms full when I got there and I set up my hand sewing in with Sally, Melissa, Leah, and Eddie. We had a great visit. But, then there was my old friends Brenda, Kelley, Toni, Evelyn , Barbara, and Sherry. Well, don’t forget Darcy, and Judy and Geannine, and Shannon, and… and…and…. Oh, the list goes on and on. I’m glad I’m a quilter and have quilt friends to share with. After supper I stayed for the little musical concert that Donna’s son did. It was really a great treat. I packed my stuff early so I didn’t get photos of him. But, I guess I was shaky, or my lens was dirty. My pictures were really bad this time. But, you can see they were having a blast.AQG 1AQG 2AQG 3AQG 4

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Turn a Smoking Stand into a Sewing Stand

Awol smoking stand pot holders 026My quilt friend , Brian in Indianoplis, makes pin cushions and sewing stands out of the old metal ashray stands. I was never interested in making one until I found this wooden one for $15 bucks in Beebe at a flea market. I really liked the wood, but I hated the old orange varnish on it. I decided it would strip and could be real different. It took me a whole day and a new can of stripper to get it all cleaned up. I sanded it with steel wool and then I stained it with a thin coat of walnut penetrating stain. I didn’t want it dark, so I stained and wipe it right off. I think it is okay enough to see what I can do with it. I love the fact that the tray turns ana it is the right height for a sewing table or to put by the couch. This is going to be fun.stand 1stand 2

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I Kick Boredom by Making Pot Holders

Awol smoking stand pot holders 035School has been going on for several weeks. This semester I have a period off, an hour at lunch and a 45 minute break between classes in the afternoon. So, I have time to kill. I try and not waste time at school and I have so many thing I could do. But, it seems right now with my eighth graders making pot holders I have been making them right along with the kids. You know my Daddy made them when he was older. He would sit in his chair and watch TV and just weave away. He made thousands. He made so many that Mama called the company and she had a standing order that the president would sell her a huge crate of unsacked loops. Now I have made a few, but nothing like Daddy. He just gave them away to friends and total strangers at Wal-Mart. So, here are the first ones I have made this year.Awol smoking stand pot holders 032Awol smoking stand pot holders 033Awol smoking stand pot holders 034

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Stopping Along the Way

Reunion Forrest City flea 091On the back way to Forrest City for my class reunion last weekend, I stopped to do some junking.  I called Pat in Searcy and she met me in Beebe. (I hate I-40.) I had been to all the stores there a few weeks ago, this one was so big I wanted to go again. We met there and had a great time looking and talking.  We both got  a few things then we went to the railroad depot where they just opened another flea market. We found a couple of things there. I found a fc fINDS 1shelf for Fina for her shaving and mustache cup collection. I asked Pat to meet me at the big flea market on the highway at Searcy and we walked through that one. We had a pleasant day and I headed out to Forrest City. I called Donna Horton and asked her if she had a shop and she didn’t. But she did have a couple of booths at the old furniture store in F.C., so I went. It was a good day and I enjoyed the looking and finding.  One of the best finds of the day was at a new flea market close to Vilonia on the other side of Conway. Thefc fINDS 2 guy there is super nice and is so helpful. I went past the counter and saw a basket full of silverware.  I was shocked to see children’s spoons and a bunch of them. They were only $2.00  and $3.00 each. Well, I have been collecting these for 35 years and they are now selling from $27.50 to $35.00. I got them all There was a Gerber’s baby spoon, the girl and boy Campbell Soup Kids, child star Betty Lou, Dennis the Menace, Tony the Tiger, Yogi Bear, Hunkleberry Hound, and Snow White.  I was thrilled!!


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Central Arkansas Quilters – August Meeting 2014

The CAQ  had their regular August meeting in Conway. They showed the blocks they made at the Mickey Depree workshop and had show and tell. The program was a sit and sew. We made a new block that Debbie Weaver taught. It was a fun time with good friends.CAQ 1CAQ 2caq 3CAQ 4CAQ 5

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AQG September 2012 Meeting – Marilyn and Wilma

Table 010 (2)The regular meeting of the Arkansas Quilters Guild was held the 2nd Monday of  September. The program was “Meet the Members – Marilyn Weaver and Wilma Richter.”  They told how they met and how their friendship grew over the years in quilting. It was a wonderful story and they showed their award-winning quilts. Fun was had by all!AQG 1

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