I Made a Quilt and Gave It Away – Something Unusual for Me.

I received a quilt in the mail several years ago from my brother, Mark. I was never so shocked over anything. I mean shocked, stunned, speechless! We have never done the gift thing. He lives way off and we don’t talk often. So, when he called and asked me did I receive the quilt I had no clue what he was talking about. My UPS/Fed EX men have a tendency to leave things on the front stoop. The stoop is blocked by bushes and no one ever uses that door. It had been out side in the elements for over 2 weeks. BUT, It had not gotten wet and was under the porch roof.  It was the matching circus twin quilt that Mama made for us. I had mine and he sent me his. He said that he used it for years to cover up on the couch. He said that none of his kids would ever like it and he wanted me to have it. Double shock!!!  (Later he did ask for it back and I told him I’d give him $200 if he needed money, but I used it in my lectures and I was going to keep it. I still have it.)

I took a machine embroidery class from Judy Tipton Rush in Conway a couple of weeks ago. (I did a post on it.) When I got home Joan Beard brought over to me a 2 foot X 2 foot sandwich of a real thick, muslin on Sunday. It was spray glued into place and ready for sewing and practicing my new quilting stitches I learned.  I used my blue washable pen and drew off an urn full of mixed flowers.  I did what I had learned about cutting threads and trying to make the back as pretty as the front. I used Isacord grey in the bobbin and used 30 different variegated threads for the top. I took it to Carol Ann’s  on Second Saturday Sew Day and Susan Bragg worked about 3 hours on getting the waves out of the sides where there was no quilting and Marilyn Weaver cut it square. I asked them all there if it was good enough to send as a surprise to a friend and they all said they wanted to be “the” friend.    I came home and did a stay stitch around the block then I put the binding on.   I just mailed it off to Tom, not as a Christmas gift and not for his birthday, but just because I wanted to surprise him with a quilt like my brother did me. I hope he likes it, ’cause he’s stuck with it. Enjoy, Tom!!!!!!!!!  Tom just posted his blog about his”Notta Christmas Gift.” Go read it and see his wonderful pictures: http://tomrussellquilts.wordpress.com/2011/12/28/notta-christmas-present/

About Jim Gatling

Artist: primitive watercolors, colored pencil. Quilter: Original designs, Scrap quilts. Craftsman: Woodburning, Recycling Teacher: Retired MHS, SHCS K-12 Part Time. Collector: Antiques, Quilts, Glass, Buttons, Petit Point, Needlepoint, Hankies, Figural Perfume Bottles. Son, Father, Grandfather, Neighbor, Friend.
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4 Responses to I Made a Quilt and Gave It Away – Something Unusual for Me.

  1. Thank you for sharing your work and comments about it. Love your stories, and loved reading Tom’s blog about it!

  2. Sue Goldman says:

    I am so glad to read that you got brother Marks baby quilt. I remember some years back you were at QUILT of NWA, and you talked about how much you wanted it.
    Can’t wait to see what surprises you have for us this month. One question, what is the paper and bleach workshop about? Everyone has been talking about it.
    I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog, love seeing your newest play toys,and you really crack me up with you humor on FB with the things your kids say at school.
    Thanks for sharing with us all.

    • Jim Gatling says:

      The workshop is in two parts… You learn how to cut freezer paper to make patterns. Then we use black fabric iron it on and mist it with bleach to create blocks. it is soooooooooooo much fun!!!

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