This and That and Some Other Stuff

Sometimes I do things that I’d like to share, but they don’t merit a post by themselves. So, tonight I ran across a few pictures that  just wanted to share with you, my readers.

Today I took 18 of my Hawaiian shirts to school for my 8th graders to use in their homecoming skit. I hung them all up and the comments were really funny You have the ugliest clothes in American including those people on” “I’m sure glad my father knows how to dress.” and “If your son puts you in a retirement home in Florida you have the wardrobe.” But, when I looked up I thought is was a very pretty picture. Oh, some of these shirts are over 25 years old. They have lasted 16 years longer than my marriage.

Liz sent a site on the web about paper snowflakes that were Star Wars characters.  Carol was coming in for Christmas from Virginia and she loves Mickey Mouse. So, I just cut a snowflake out and gave it to her. She said she was going home to frame it. I told her to wait and I would do it again and get the rough edges right. The second ones are always better. 

I do wood burning. And I did this one for Tom. I got it at Hobby Lobby in  Conway. The basic drawing is done with a stencil I have cut. I can make any letter out of that stencil. I have made several. I did one for Brian and Kevin and a big one with a metal handle with Geaninne on it. I got the top wood burned on Geannine’s and show it at a luncheon. Everyone said at the same time: “You spelled Geannine wrong!” I left an “N” out of the middle. Two days work and no way to fix it. Anybody out there spell Geannine, G E A N I N E ?

Tom told me he loves and collects little chairs.  So, while antiquing one day I found a white tiny rusty metal chair for a quarter, I think. I came home and used steel wool on it and spray painted it red. I had had a small dirty cushion glued on the seat. I decided to use 6-strand embroidery floss and small Penelope canvas and do a petit point cushion. I think it turned out really cute. And…………….it can be used as a pin cushion!!!!

About Jim Gatling

Artist: primitive watercolors, colored pencil. Quilter: Original designs, Scrap quilts. Craftsman: Woodburning, Recycling Teacher: Retired MHS, SHCS K-12 Part Time. Collector: Antiques, Quilts, Glass, Buttons, Petit Point, Needlepoint, Hankies, Figural Perfume Bottles. Son, Father, Grandfather, Neighbor, Friend.
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3 Responses to This and That and Some Other Stuff

  1. Cathe says:

    My husband’s best friend also has tons of Hawaiian shirts. Some of them are over 30yrs oldand he still wears them and they are in great shape. If he wants a new shirt he goes to a dressmaker, with fabric
    he has ordered from Hawaii. because he is 6’5″.
    All the best,

  2. Emma Kesner says:

    Would you happen to be able to share how you made the Mickey Mouse snowflake? I’d love to make one for my sister for Christmas!

    • Jim Gatling says:

      The best way for you to do it is to copy my picture and draw off the pattern.
      The pattern goes on the fold so it would be half. you cut on the fold……..
      Do you know how to fold for octagon (8) sided snow flakes???/
      Or send me you snail mail address and i’ll fold you some and cut one and send you a pattern.

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