What I Accomplished at Our Mini Mt. Eagle Retreat

pillow You never know what to take to a retreat. Well, I would like to take the whole studio, but I can’t. I always take my rolling desk chair, or I would not be able to walk after sewing 12 hours. This year I decided to just take small projects and one box of brown fabrics to make a crazy quilt challenge. The first thing I did was finish a mini pillow for my niece. I made ;t out of her  great grandmother’s machine embroidered shirt. I had used the other side of the shirt to make a pin cushion. Mini strips Donna

Getting ready to come I found a sack of mini strips that  had given the fabric to, to Donna Fite McConnell. She was a friend that wrote the Lively Little Logs series of quilt books. She made me a few that I framed in an antique tray and then I just kept the cut strips scraps. They are at least 10 years old.  I finished cutting the rest of the fabric and then I sewed the strips into one long line. I took the two ends and started sewing them together and repeated until I got a sheet of fabric. I’ll keep it as is until I figure out what to do with them. Maybe a doll quilt.  Thread painted rose

I finished my rose thread painting. I had started it and needed to finish for my upcoming class. I didn’t have a great selection of fabrics to choose from, but I did find something that would go. The border fabric is oriental men and items on brown and the mini border is a hot pink. I don’t think I have used that combination before. Everyone seemed to like my choice.   Scraps

Y’all know I use scraps up in all manner of items. I was given the leftovers from a tube strip quilt top and the border fabrics from another quilter. I cut and sewed and pieced until I made this doll quilt top. Sorta like the brick pattern. brenda's  flowers

Oh, I almost forgot. I finished Brenda’s little paper pieced quilt piece she gave me. I did a lot of thread painting on the borders and on the flowers and pots. it really turned out cute. I started on a crazy quilt challenge and did the appliques and made the blocks that will be on the next post. Check it out.Mini Retreat Mt. eagle August 2013 024

About Jim Gatling

Artist: primitive watercolors, colored pencil. Quilter: Original designs, Scrap quilts. Craftsman: Woodburning, Recycling Teacher: Retired MHS, SHCS K-12 Part Time. Collector: Antiques, Quilts, Glass, Buttons, Petit Point, Needlepoint, Hankies, Figural Perfume Bottles. Son, Father, Grandfather, Neighbor, Friend.
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4 Responses to What I Accomplished at Our Mini Mt. Eagle Retreat

  1. Debbie says:

    You amaze me!!!

  2. Brenda W says:

    You had mentioned earlier that I had given you something and I wasn’t sure if it was me or what it was. Getting older you know. You did a fantastic job with the little potted flowers. May have to find that pattern and do it again. It was a Fons and Porter if I recall correctly.

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