I Got My Taxes Done!!! (And last year’s and the year before)

I got my taxes done. That might not be earth shattering to anyone but me. As Mrs. Denton would say, “I’d rather walk on my lips in high heels.” I hate doing them. I procrastinate and just wait to get the done.  I had an extension for 2011 and for 2012. When I realized that 2013 was coming up I hired my friend Deanna to work and help me sort. I have a drawer in my desk where I just put every bill and receipt. The good thing was it was all in one place. The bad thing was it was three years mixed up. We spent 3 of the last 4 Sunday’s sorting and stacking and totaling. I took it all to my little CPA last Monday and she was totally impressed that I had all three done. Don’t care if I have to pay. Don’t care if I don’t get anything back. They are finished. YEA!Taxes, yard, leah's quilt 001

About Jim Gatling

Artist: primitive watercolors, colored pencil. Quilter: Original designs, Scrap quilts. Craftsman: Woodburning, Recycling Teacher: Retired MHS, SHCS K-12 Part Time. Collector: Antiques, Quilts, Glass, Buttons, Petit Point, Needlepoint, Hankies, Figural Perfume Bottles. Son, Father, Grandfather, Neighbor, Friend.
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3 Responses to I Got My Taxes Done!!! (And last year’s and the year before)

  1. Wendy Drew says:

    And I thought I was bad! LOL I swear every year I won’t procrastinate but it’s always down to the wire.

  2. Marg says:

    OMG me too, 11, 12, 13..!!! I actually had it sorted into the years, but not totalled,took to the bookkeeper, waiting for axe to fall, but it feels pretty good to have it almost done. it gives me permission to do something fun for myself ,finally!

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