New Mobile from Yard Sale Ornaments

I got some shaved wooden ornaments at Robin’s yard sale the other day. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them. I was going to make a mobile. I have several hanging in the studio and three more I have made I have to get hung on the high ceiling.  I use a photo mobile as the base and it only took a few minutes.DSCN3853DSCN3854

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Estate Sell at Lepanto

On a Friday in July I was invited to go to an estate sale at Lepanto, AR. Well, if you don’t know where it is, “it’s a fer piece over yonder.” You go to, Conway, Beebe, Searcy, Newport, Harrisburg, Marked Tree the Lepanto. Marion is east of it and Jonesboro is north. Population 1,856. It was a doctor’s widow’s estate next to the school. We left at 6:15 and got there a little after 9:00. They opened at 10:00. We  were the first ones there. When the doors opened there was only about 8 people waiting in line. The house was full and we both got goodies. My treasures included: 2 glass Christmas trees for $3.00 each, a silver and glass covered sardine tray with a fish on the lid for $3.00, a Victorian china salt shaker for $1.00, a metal frog for $2.00,  a silver candle/match holder for $1.00, a silver bowl stand with 2 cherubs for $5.00, 2 crystal tooth pick holders for one for $5 and the other $2, an old oriental bowl for $10, a china duck figure for $5, a blue and white china cigarette lighter, 2 hand-painted china plates $2 and $3, miniature brass iron with wooden handle for 50 cents, a silver gondola for $$2, a metal purse for $5, a silver table Christmas tree for $3, a Pyrex casserole for $1, two English metal trays with ducks for $1, and a metal and tile table for $30. I didn’t spent over $100 and I got 6 Christmas gifts out of the stuff. My friend got several large items for a few costumers and a couple of thing for himself. Worth driving over.


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Finding Mama’s Everyday China

On the way home from the estate sale at Lepanto we stopped at a couple of antique stores. I got a table rug, a purse basket to wood burn, a set of bone china place card holders, and I found some of Mama’s everyday china. It is Royal Doulton’s Lowestoft Bouquet pattern from 1948. I got 5 dinner plates, 6 rimmed soups, a creamer and a sugar with no lid for $22.50. I was so excited. When I got home and I got on line on and the sale price for the plates were $30, the bowls were $25, creamer $46, and sugar $40. So, I got 13 pieces worth $386.00 for only $22.50! Yea, ME!


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Chihuly at Crystal Bridges

Mona Kaye, Joan, Mary Ann and I went to see the Chihuly art glass exhibition at Crystal Bridges in Bentonville Wednesday. I had seen the one at the Clinton museum and was extremely happy to get to see this one. It was totally fascinating. And each piece and installation is unique. Everyone should see it. Oh, the beans were lunch there.

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Fast Trip to Oklahoma City

I was asked by a friend to ride over to Oklahoma City to go to an art museum to pick up 2 paintings Tuesday. We left early and got there before noon. It rained all the way over. He got the things he went for and on the way out of the city we stopped at a antique store. It was truly all antiques, not flea market crap. I found several things that were interesting, but I only bought 4 items: a petit point compact, a brass perfume bottle on a rhinestone brooch, an Elfinware covered box, and a purple glass salt. Oh, I got o see the state capital building. Really pretty.


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W.N.S. – Chicken Salad – July 2

Last week was so hot Debbie called and suggested that we do a cold plate. So I got stuff cut up and went over and we made chicken salad for Wednesday Night Supper. We de-boned 2 Kroger roasted chickens, used chopped onions, green grapes, celery, pecans, salt ,pepper, garlic, and mayo. It was sooooooooooooo good! Debbie made a cheese pound cake and I made peach ice cream. I got 3 kinds of crackers, and Debbie bought croissants, and Martha brought some different crackers.  Debbie made cheese dip and a cheese ball. We had fruit and pickle trays. In short, we had way too much. I even made another type of chicken salad. I used the red Viking stemware and pates. Fourteen came and we had a blast. This week I was on a day trip and didn’t cook.

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Robin had a Yard Sale

My dear friend, Robin, had a yard sale out at Frog Levy. She had sent me pictures of several things she had put back for me. I got there and there were 3 sales going on. Lots of stuff.  I got 2 pressed glass punch cups that match mine,  several 1950’s Christmas bells, several wooden hand-painted Christmas ornaments, five pairs of cotton gloves, some shaved wooden ornaments, a silverware box and 2 brass easels. Thanks, Robin!

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