Arkansas Quilters Guild Meeting – March 2017 – Part 2

At AQG we had group challenges and they revealed them at the March meeting. Then we had a lot of show and tell.

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Arkansas Quilters Guild Meeting- March 2017 – Part 1

Monday night was our March meeting of the Arkansas Quilters Guild. We had a big crowd, lots of show and tell and Shannon Young was our program. It was a lot of fun.

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My New Unique Almost All Original Flower and Animal Quilt

I had been given 3 bags of scraps from Riley at AQG in Little Rock. I sorted it and decided to bag it in groups. I found a picture and pattern from June in Fayetteville and decided to make the big leaf quilt my way. I pieced all the back white and beige fabrics, fused and cut leaves, and made pieced borders at camp. When I got home I drew and made animals and critters to go in the quilt. I really liked doin this. Each piece is machine embroidered. I think it needs a 6th panel. What do you think????? Do you like this one?DSCN2644


June’s quilt she is working on. I got my leaf pattern from her.


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Making Yards of fabric from Batik Scraps

DSCN2431I knew when I started that I had no idea what I was going to make from all of Riley’s given scraps. But, I knew I was going to sew up all the batiks into one large piece of fabric and decide what to do later. The only thing I did was to cut every piece into 2 1/2 in strips. All the scraps were pieced and cut into 2 1/2 inch strips. I sewed everything into one long strip. Then I stared sewing the strips in halves until I sewed it all in one huge sheet of batiks. I’ll decide what to do with it all later. It might end up in triangles. LOL!

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Riley’s Blue and Purple Batiks

DSCN2440When I got into the three bags of Riley’s fabric scraps there were a lot of batiks the were in blues and purples that she had been making some quilt from. I decided to use all of them in a top. I basically made a long row of the same size piecing it all and using all of it up before putting the strip into a top.  I love the bright color and the batiks. Fabric that I would probably never buy was fun to work up.


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An I Spy Quilt for my Nephew

DSCN2576When my nephew was young I made him a small “I Spy” quilt. He’s bigger now.  So, with the three bags of given fabric from Riley, I decided to make my nephew a larger “I Spy” quilt. I used anything that a child could “spy” or recognize. When I  got the blocks cut out, I needed more. I got into my stash and filled in. I think he will love playing with this new quilt.

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Dr. Seuss, Animal and Fish Fabric

DSCN2582In the three bags of fabric I was given by Riley I sorted the Dr. Seuss, animal and fish fabric. I picked bright fabrics to with them and decided to make a quilt for my nephew. I hope as small as he is he’ll like it.

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