W.N.S. – May 3rd – Chicken Pot Pie

For Wednesday Nite Supper I decided to make chicken pot pies.  I got the prepared frozen crusts and numerous cans of my favorite veggies: whole corn, sliced mushrooms, green beans, green peas, carrots, and Veg-all.   I got the big cans of cream of celery and cream of mushroom soup.  I don’t like the crust too thick on the edge so I cut them off. I used my pie pans that are bigger. All the veggies are drained. I added salt, pepper, and garlic. I ended up making 5 pies. Which was good, because boy, did they eat.  I made a raspberry cobbler: pie crust, raspberries,  sugar, corn starch, and lime juice.  Wonderful!!! The salad I made was like the Olive Garden Salad with the Olive Garden Dressing.  I don’t remember who came this week. I’m getting old.


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Back Door Quilted Banner

Friends give me leftover blocks and scraps. I had some bright-colored  star blocks and some light blue log cabin blocks I decided to make a wall hanging for my back door. I finished the unfinished star blocks and sewed them together. I took the log cabin blocks and sewed them together, then cut it down the middle. I put the blue on each side of the stars and made a point. This didn’t take an hour to do. Sewed it up and now it’s on the back door. Simple and easy project.

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Antiquing and Estate Sales

Last Saturday I went to Pine Bluff with Ruth Ellen. She had a party to go to, so she took me by the antique store for a couple of hours. I found a few things there. I got a cut glass pitcher, an olive Jerusalem cross, a card of bi-centennial buttons,  a wooden carved stamp, a tin with a needlepoint look, and a red and clear crystal votive. By the back door there was a large trash can that had board games sticking out. Before I left I got them all out and a  print on canvas. I’ll use the game boards and pieces  for a large art project. This week on the way to supper Friday night I saw an estate sale across from the post office. They were just getting things out. I decided to go back early on Saturday morning.  I found some fabric, embroidered piece, a pie server, and a wire rack hot pad. On the way home I saw a sign and went to another estate sale. I got there it is was my friend, Mary’s parent’s home. I got a Corningware  covered dish, a cranberry tray and server, and a plastic black mammy  plastic shaker.

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G-Maw Mary’s Sit and Sew

Last Wednesday we had Sit and Sew at G-Maw Mary’s. It was Margaret, Mary P., Mary L.,  and Fannie and Deanna came later. We missed Kay and Wanda. They had stuff to do. G-Maw fixed fried pies using a sandwich press machine. One of the best things I have ever had! Everyone was just working on normal stuff. But, Margaret finished her quilt for her grandson’s graduation. It was very special. Sure he will love it.


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The Sparkly Tennis Shoes


My granddaughter, Maggie, was going to a school dance. She got her a pretty blue dress and got tennis shoes to match.  She asked me if I would put rhinestones on her shoes. Of course, I did it for her. They turned out cute and she wore white lacy sock with  them. I think she was really excited about going. Oh, a couple of weeks back her father said, “Now that you have the dress, do you have a date?” Her answer was, “Yes, May 5th.” LOL!18199557_10155259211667974_3771515422825614113_n[1]

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L.S.U. Banner

My friend, Riley Middaugh, a quilter in Little Rock, gave me several bags of scraps. In one bag was some purple and yellow L.S.U. fabric. I knew when I saw it I had to make my friend, “Mo-Neek” Pedersen something. I check out how much and decided with some yellow I could stretch it to make a banner or a wall-hanging. As I laid it out it needed something, so I did the L.S.U. letter appliques diagonally across the banner. I quilted it and put a hanging sleeve on it. I called “Mo-Neek” and took it over. I made her smile.

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W.N.S. – April 26th – Chicken Alfredo

For Wednesday Nite Supper on April 26th I fixed Chicken Alfredo. I got 3 boxes of big noodles, 2 jars of Alfredo sauce, diced chicken, jar of sliced mushrooms, salt, pepper and garlic. I fixed a pickle tray, bread sticks, and the Olive Garden salad, green beans, and broccoli and cauliflower. For dessert I fixed a strawberry cake with fresh strawberries. Yum Yum!!!


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