I Hate Sign Painting

Every art teacher I know hates sign painting. I just refused to do it for years. It takes so much time and it depends on your hand writing how it will turn out. A couple of girls at the bank showed me some pictures and 3 boards that they needed for a wedding in June. I would usually say no to that request, but I had the time and I thought I could do it. And, I like the bank employees. They are always so helpful. First, I have to sketch off the letters on paper. Then I rub the back of the paper with white chalk.  I lay the pattern on the board, and trace the letters. I outline in white paint pen and fill with brush acrylic paints. Then, I touched it up with paint pens. It wasn’t that bad. But, it took 3 days out of my life to do it. So, don’t even ask now. The answer will be: “NO!!!”

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My Lecture at Waggoner, OK

You know, I have never done a quilt lecture in Morrilton. You know, the old saying about the profit and his country. Well, no one would pay to see me here anyway. LOL! But away they pay big bucks and I am a quilting celebrity. Here, I’m Granddaddy Jim or Blake’s daddy. I stayed at Tulsa and Gary drove me to the Waggoner quilt guild meeting. It was a nice place and it was full. They let me go first so we could get back to Tulsa. I did the lecture on scrap quilts and brought some of my class samples. It was really fun and I got to see several people I knew. Gary took these pictures for me.

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The Convent’s Final Photos

DSCN3117The Convent on the Sacred Heart campus is being torn down. I got permission to dig up some daffodil bulbs that were next to the right of the front stairs. I’ll give a donation to the school later. While I was there with my shovel last weekend, I went into see where I taught for 11 years. It wasn’t really safe. Some of the floors were taken up and nails were sticking up everywhere. But, I did take some pictures just for me to remember. All of the things that were salvageable had been taken out and stored. I think there will be an auction or a selling of the items later. There were a couple of commodes and some things that were there. As I went through I remembered the stories that were told through the years. I, also, remember how tiny the cells for the nuns were and how quaint the chapel was. It had been turned into a classroom years ago, then an office. The old pecan tree out front had to be cut down because of lightning and the fig trees in the back finally were gone. The lilac bush and the dogwood tree died. The only think now is a few bulbs scattered around. It is sad another old Morrilton building will be gone, but there is good reason and progress moves us on.

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Q.U.I.L.T. of Northwest Arkansas Quilt Show – Part 2

This gallery contains 49 photos.

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Q.U.I.L.T. of Northwest Arkansas Quilt Show – Part 1

My quilt friend, June, in Fayetteville reminded me about the quilt show in that area. They were going on Saturday and invited me to tag along and spend the night on my way to Waggoner to teach. I got there early and had a care package to get to Ashleigh, so I called and she met me. We had a good visit, then off to June’s.  Jerry picked us up in his old Chevy and we drove to get Bill and Grace. We had a blast at the quilt show.  My friend, Barbara Hammernick won a big prize and June Colwell won a third on her Black Farm Family Quilt.  My good friend, Marty Stanchi, was there white-gloving. We got to see lots of quilts, the small quilt auction, and see quilters I had met teaching through the years. It was a fun day.

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W.N.S. April 12 – Fried Chicken

Wednesday Nite Supper on April 12 was Fried Chicken and all the fixin’s. Well, if you thick I rung a chicken’s neck, plucked it, cleaned it, battered it, and fried it, you are sadly mistaken. I bought it all done. But, I did make everything thing else: twice baked potatoes, green bean bundles with no bundle, rice, gravy, butter beans, rolls, and Ruth Ellen brought cornbread.  Now my twice baked potato recipe is simple: Bake a tator, half it, scoop it out. Put it in big bowl and mash with salt, pepper, butter, and a touch of milk. Put I back in the half shell. Add mild cheddar cheese on top and split a green stuffed olive into 3 parts. Bake until cheese melts. Let’s see I had 15 this week. It was Blake and Cindy, Maggie, Will, Martha and Stewart, Ruth Ellen and Jim, Liz and Pete, Michelle, Robin, Jane, Zoe and me. LOL! I miscounted and the kids ate in the sunroom and I ate standing in the kitchen. Dessert was ice cream and homemade cookies.

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Quick Antiquing

Last week I was on my way to a friend’s house and stopped for a minute at the mini storages on Hwy 64.  A there was a sale sign and a man was selling out of his mini storage. I got an oval frame with 4 swags of flowers on the frame. it is a very dull gray and dirty. But. I know I can spray paint the frame and paint the flowers.   It has a curved glass and will make a great shadow box. I have used up all the ones I had, so this one was so cheap at $17.00  I had to get it.   Most of the big ones go for $35 and up. On the way back through town the flea market behind the Mexican grocery store in the alley was open. I thought it was closed. I got two salt cellars. One was like a set I have and the other was bright blue. I have never seen one before. For a dollar each I picked them up.

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