Emma’s and Annalee’s Cupcakes

DSCN3366I go up and see the office people at Sacred Heart all the time. Last week they asked me to come and answer the phone and open the doors on Friday.  I went there on Thursday to see what they needed me to do. The bell rang and in came Emma and Annalee. They were 2 of my private art students and we are close friends. I told them I would make them cupcakes. They wanted strawberry with cream cheese icing. So, on the way home I stopped by the store and got the stuff for two batches. I have 3 muffin tins that are 3 sizes. As I was making them I realized that they were going to be all shapes and sizes. They were cooking at different speeds. So, yes I burned a whole pan. Blacker than chocolate brown. Smelled up the house and had a mess. But, the others did OK, and they loved them.  I gave them to them before lunch. I hope they didn’t eat them all. LOL!

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Supper on the Mountain

Ruth Ellen called and invited me for supper Thursday night. She had beans and ham, cornbread, and country potatoes. Dessert was homemade peach cobbler. It was really great. I enjoyed visiting and listening to the pouring rain.

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W.N.S. – May 10th – Fried Bologna

Blake told me he wanted fried bologna one night for Wednesday Nite Supper. Last Wednesday was that week. I didn’t know what to cook with fried bologna so I asked on Facebook and I got all kinds of answers. I decided to do country pan potatoes with garlic and onions,  Biscuits and gravy, deviled eggs, pickle tray, baked beans, and Aunt Martha brought sliced tomatoes. I made two fresh strawberry pies. I peeled 10 pounds of potatoes, boiled a dozen eggs, and used 3 quarts of strawberries. I got Petit Jean Bologna from John’s Grocery and had it cut thick.  This week’s guests were Blake and Cindy, Maggie, Will, Mama Zoe, Aunt Martha and Uncle Stewart, Ruth Ellen and Jim, Pete and Liz and Anna Grace. They seemed to love it. Not much was left.

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Just Cut the Points Off

DSCN3189Someone gave me old star blocks. They all had “Y” seams that I can’t do on a machine and I won’t do by hand. So, I studied them all long enough to say to myself, “Just cut the points off.”  That made them square. I found some small printed fabric for the sashings and cornerstones and threw it together. Not my best work, but I was using old fabrics and hand-pieced work.  At least it is not still in the scrap bag.

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Pillows and Mats

I got some fabric given to me by a Facebook friend. She brought over a couple of boxes of fabric and left it on my front porch. I found it and sorted. It had some unfinished blocks and some cheater pillows that were printed.  One day I had nothing to do so I made them up. I quilted the applique cats and made a pillow out of it, Then I cut out the shaped pillows and sewed and stuffed. I sent some to my niece that needed a boost. It was fun doing them! Oh, The mat is made with fishing fabric. It  is for a friend that has a fishing cabin.


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AQG – May 2017 Meeting – Quilts of Valor

The Arkansas Quilters guild held their regular May meeting last week. The program was on “Quilts of Valor.” Our president, Alaina Polta, gave an in-depth program on the history of Quilts of Valor and what her chapter is doing. Very informative program. We had our usual show and tell and refreshments. Great time was had by all.


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Sheriff W.E. Williams, Forrest City

The Williams siblings

The Children of W.E. Williams Forrest City, Arkansas

The other day I was playing on the internet and I did a search for Forrest City Images and up popped a picture of my great grandfather, W.E. Williams. He was Daddy’s grandfather. His mother was Bessie Mae Williams Gatling.  They lived in a two-story house across the street from the Methodist church. It was where the post office is now. They had 15 children. The first 3 died of childhood diseases.Williams[1]


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