Quilter Kay England

Kay England is a world famous quilter and fabric and pattern designer. She is a good friend of Brian’s and she invited us to see her house, pool and gardens. (We couldn’t see the sheep and llamas. They were inside the cool barn.) She was a delight to be with and graciously opened her home for us to tour , see her studio and her quilts. It was a very big treat. I can’t put a picture of her on my blog. I promised her I wouldn’t because she was in the pool cleaning it when we arrived.



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I went to Indianapolis, Indiana

I went to the wedding in Indianapolis, Indiana. Karin drove and I didn’t even see the Mississippi River when we went over. I really hadn’t looked at a map yet. But I want to see where we went. I was busy in the car doing stuff. LOL! But, two days after the wedding we got to go downtown to a couple of antique stores. The town is amazingly clean and the people were nice. We really had a good time getting the tour from Brian.

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Hand-made Wedding Presents

photo[1] (12)I never know what to get for wedding presents for those who don’t have a list at a store. Well,. For the wedding reception I was going to , I decided to wood burn some kitchen wooden spoons and utensils with  a wooden container with a handle. I, also, did a frame for a wedding picture. And, I found a cut glass big biscuit jar and put peanut M&Ms in it. I really think they enjoyed the surprises.

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Mr. and Mrs. Haggard’s Home

The day after the wedding Brian’s parents invited us to see their new home. It was a beautiful, wonderfully laid-out home. It had charm and personality in each room. I loved her work areas and her pin cushion collecting and making. it was such a treat to see.

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A Very Unusual House with beautiful Stuff – Part 2

This gallery contains 39 photos.

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A Very Unusual House with beautiful Stuff – Part 1

One of the most unique and different homes I have ever been in is the home of Kevin and Brian. The live in the back wing of an antique store/flea market. Sound weird but if you’d ever see it, it is a wonderful place. Lots of big rooms and a great layout. Spaces to work and play. Simply great. But, the neatest thing is the decorating. Brian is a decorator and boy does he know his stuff. I was amazed at how so many collections and so many items could be displayed in such a wonderful manner. It was really breath-taking. Their home has been featured in magazines. So, I wanted to share some pictures.

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I Went to Indiana to a Wedding

20882987_10210023426408573_6492844320303199810_n[1]photo[1] (8)photo[1] (9)photo[2] (2)In August my friend Karin, drove me to Indiana to a quilt friend’s wedding reception. Brian Haggard was marrying his partner, Kevin Head. I met Brian through a quilt friend years ago and we have been friends since. They had a small family wedding at Kay England’s house by the pool. Her gardens were where the group pictures were taken. That evening there was a big reception at Brian and Kevin’s home. Karin and I were invited to attend. The place was beautiful and the cake was impressive. Brian made all of the paper decorations on the cake. Friends and family helped in the celebrating. And  we even had a string orchestra and live entertainment. It was one of the best times in my life. Such a wonderful loving group of elegant people. So friendly and so nice. They called me “Jim From Arkansas.”

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New Mobile from Yard Sale Ornaments

I got some shaved wooden ornaments at Robin’s yard sale the other day. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them. I was going to make a mobile. I have several hanging in the studio and three more I have made I have to get hung on the high ceiling.  I use a photo mobile as the base and it only took a few minutes.DSCN3853DSCN3854

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Estate Sell at Lepanto

On a Friday in July I was invited to go to an estate sale at Lepanto, AR. Well, if you don’t know where it is, “it’s a fer piece over yonder.” You go to, Conway, Beebe, Searcy, Newport, Harrisburg, Marked Tree the Lepanto. Marion is east of it and Jonesboro is north. Population 1,856. It was a doctor’s widow’s estate next to the school. We left at 6:15 and got there a little after 9:00. They opened at 10:00. We  were the first ones there. When the doors opened there was only about 8 people waiting in line. The house was full and we both got goodies. My treasures included: 2 glass Christmas trees for $3.00 each, a silver and glass covered sardine tray with a fish on the lid for $3.00, a Victorian china salt shaker for $1.00, a metal frog for $2.00,  a silver candle/match holder for $1.00, a silver bowl stand with 2 cherubs for $5.00, 2 crystal tooth pick holders for one for $5 and the other $2, an old oriental bowl for $10, a china duck figure for $5, a blue and white china cigarette lighter, 2 hand-painted china plates $2 and $3, miniature brass iron with wooden handle for 50 cents, a silver gondola for $$2, a metal purse for $5, a silver table Christmas tree for $3, a Pyrex casserole for $1, two English metal trays with ducks for $1, and a metal and tile table for $30. I didn’t spent over $100 and I got 6 Christmas gifts out of the stuff. My friend got several large items for a few costumers and a couple of thing for himself. Worth driving over.


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Finding Mama’s Everyday China

On the way home from the estate sale at Lepanto we stopped at a couple of antique stores. I got a table rug, a purse basket to wood burn, a set of bone china place card holders, and I found some of Mama’s everyday china. It is Royal Doulton’s Lowestoft Bouquet pattern from 1948. I got 5 dinner plates, 6 rimmed soups, a creamer and a sugar with no lid for $22.50. I was so excited. When I got home and I got on line on Replacements.com and the sale price for the plates were $30, the bowls were $25, creamer $46, and sugar $40. So, I got 13 pieces worth $386.00 for only $22.50! Yea, ME!


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