Deviled Eggs My Way

There is a thing about deviled eggs in my extended family. Oh, remember the Southern Belle Primer? it was a book on what every new bride in the South should have. One of the main things listed was an ornate deviled egg platter. LOL! Well, through the years I have acquired several. I have my grandmother TeeTee’s, a red crystal one, and one I bought for a friend that never came back around to see me. Oh, well. I think I had rather have the antique platter instead of her. Less drama. Well, my ex makes her’s with mayo and mustard and then sprinkles paprika on top. All of her kids and grandkids love them. I use Hellman’s mayo and sweet pickle relish, and sprinkle paprika.  The secret is don’t “water down” the yokes. Make them thick.

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My Chicken Salad Recipe

The best Chicken Salad I have ever had was my friend, Pat Eaton’s. Now the worst I have had was Penero Bread’s in Tulsa. Horrible!!!!! It was so bad I couldn’t finish it, and I eat everything. Well, the sewing group was coming and I was going to make chicken noodle soup. But, decided that since it was still hot I would do chicken salad. I bought the frozen Tyson diced chicken, and thawed it. Then I cut up a half of a white onion, about 4 stalks of celery, 2 cups of green grapes sliced, pecans, garlic, salt, pepper, sweet pickle relish, and Hellman’s mayonnaise. (Now Pat doesn’t use mayo, she always uses Miracle Whip.) It made a tub full. I had enough to feed 5 more that night and then I still had leftovers.


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Oatmeal Raisin Pecan Cookies

The day before I had my sewing group over I baked cookies from scratch. I baked oatmeal raisin pecan cookies from my Mama’s old recipe. They aren’t that hard to make. I usually have everything right here. Well, I got up off my chair at 12:30  to start baking. I got most everything in the bowl and one of the last ingredients was milk. I never have milk. I don’t drink milk. But, the other day I had to have some for some other recipe and still had plenty. Pat wanted the recipe. She loved them! So, here it is:



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Last Week’s Antiquing

Well, I lost this post twice. Maybe I’ll get it done now. Last week there was a sale downtown across the railroad tracks. I went and found a couple of things. Then I went to Debbie’s across the street and found some things for a mobile I have been thinking about making. I found a flower frog for Mary Margaret, a miniature Christmas sweater that lights up. a stained glass small lamp shade, a wooden box to wood burn, a brass Chinese candleholder, a box of sample fabrics for hand towels, and a couple of other things.

I went to Roy Dudley’s sale in Little Rock to get a petit point purse that I had seen on his website. I found 5 of my red crystal Viking plates. They were marked $40. I was going to pay the $200 for them, but one of the workers said it was 75 % off that day. Well that meant I was only going to have to pay $50 for the five plates. But, when I checked out the five were marked only $40 total. That meant I got the five for $10.00. Bargain of the century. The last ones I found were $35.00 each. Yea, Me!




This is the photo I saw on Roy Dudley’s website of the oriental petit point purse I bought.

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The Group Group Met at My House

My sewing group that used to be called the Beaders  is now the Group Group. No one could come up with a name, so that is how I have it in my group contacts. I told everyone several months ago after all the dust settled around here that I would have everyone for a meeting. We usually do sandwiches, but I insisted on making lunch. I did a cold plate with chicken salad, chips, crackers, relish tray,  deviled eggs, stuffed celery, and made 4 batches of cookies: oatmeal raisin pecan, pecan cinnamon, sugar sprinkles and sugar cinnamon chips.  Well, sir, not everyone could come. One was sick, one was caring for a sick cat, one’s garage door wouldn’t open and she couldn’t get out to bring her mother, and another one had a stroke. I told Pat and Mary Lou when they got here that life gets in the way of our living. Now, I perfectly understand. We have been close for 20 years, but as time goes on we can’t do as we have done in the past. I laughed and told Pat and Mary Lou that I really need to get younger friends. LOL! I have just really thought about Evelyn and her being in the hospital. Her stroke really got to me which has made me think of Mama. I know that Evelyn is in God’s hands and that he will know what’s best.dscn1356

Since they haven’t been here in over a year they toured the house and got to see all the remodeling and the new items from Mama’s house. We really had a great visit. We had a wonderful meal with Halloween decorations. They ate, so I guess it was good.

The three of us had show and tell. Mary Lou brought her emameling from her craft retreat and her two finished quilts. They were both BEAUTIFUL!!! Pat brought her two new embellished pin cushions and a German framed original she found at a sale, a the most wonderful cross stitched picture of her husband, Richard. A woman in France that reads her blog did it as a surprise and it took her a year to do. It was fantastic. Pat was so please. I just showed them the  Devil Dog cow bells I was painting as a fundraiser and my 3 quilt tops I am working on. It was really a good day and we had a blast. dscn1335



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SH Kids and a Scavenger Hunt


I got a phone call last night. It was one of my Sacred Heart kids. They were doing a scavenger hunt and needed 4 Rebel shirts and a family recipe. I gathered them up and found my blueberry pie recipe. (Remember, I had just made 2 blueberry pies last week.) They ran in and put the T-shirts on. Then I snapped a picture with one of their phones, then mine. Lizzy asked, “Are we going to be on your blog?” Duh, yes!


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Christmas Shopping in Pine Bluff

Liz called Saturday and asked if I wanted to go to Shepherd’s in Pine Bluff with Pete and Ruth Ellen and her. Of course I said, “YES!” They picked me up at 8:30 and away we went. We stopped first at a place called the Honey Hole. It was a new great shop. New and old items. Lots of different things and cute things. I got several gifts and stocking stuffers.


Got there and our plans were to do a little Christmas shopping at Shepherd’s Florist. Well, they didn’t have all the Christmas out yet. And what they had gotten out had been already picked over and was bought. I did find some stocking stuffers and a Christmas present. They all found a few things. We went to Sissy’s Log Cabin. We looked at all the jewelry, but they didn’t have all their Christmas up either. But were getting there. We went on to the antique store at Sissy’s and I bought a Victorian glass tray with roses on it. It is probably a calling card tray or a make up tray.

We stopped at the big antique store and I found a silver-plated  tomato server, a miniature glass candlestick, a sack of old game pieces, 2 sterling charms, a set of individual small cake pans, a china piano with flowers, and an ashtray and ash holder with petit point designs in the center. On the way back we stopped at JoAnn’s Fabric in North Little rock. It was a great day. Fun to get out with friends and get some Christmas shopping done.

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