The Reader – A New Primitive Watercolor

April 030 (2)This week I didn’t get much painting done. Things just get in the way of my creativity like school, kids, things around the house. You know. the normal stuff. I had a small frame. I wanted to do something a little different. I got the idea by looking on the net: A woman reading at a table with a large arrangement of flowers. When I got through with it, it kinda reminded me of my ex. She is a librarian and she loves to read. I named it, “The Reader.” Something I never do. I hate reading. I’d rather be making. The painting is small. See the penny to show you how big it is? I like doing these small painting and using up old flea market frames. This one I might try again. The girl looks a little stiff and washed out. Always learning.The reader watercolorApril 030 (2)

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Painted a Statue for My Prayer Table in the Convent

Mary 2 010Last Friday I got a plaster statue of Mary for $5.00 at a flea market. I probably would have never bought it, but it was big, about 2 feet tall, made in Mexico and was spray painted or air brushed. It was kinda ugly. But, I thought it might have potential. Today I didn’t have anything to do so I sanded some rough edges, spray painted it to get some dark on it and then went to school and painted it with acrylics. It is so large that it didn’t need fine details, just some character added. I think it turned out okay from how it started. I plan to use it on my prayer table at Sacred Heart.mary 22Mary 2 010Mary 1

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Cut Crystal and The Starburst Pattern

April 043I’m getting ready for a wedding next week. I pulled out the crystal serving plates and  cut glass rose bowls. I was really surprised how many I had. I enjoyed looking at the different patterns. Cut glass has to be cut by hand. I don’t think there is a company left that cuts cut glass anymore. I really prefer the starburst pattern. I washed them all by hand and dried them. The way I carry them is in heavy laundry baskets wrapped in towels. I keep a big assortment of towels just to  wrap stuff in to carry. I have glass marbles and flat pieces and those tiny tea lights to put in the rose bowls. The tables should be really pretty.crystalrose crystal bowls

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Acrylic Water Lily Painting – This Ain’t No Claude Monet

water lilies 020You learn so much every time you paint a painting.  Last week I finished an acrylic water-lily painting. Well, really it was  the second one. I had bought the frame with a canvas painting in it that was ugly. It was so cheap I knew I could gesso over the painting and use it and the frame together. I painted it once and it just wasn’t good. It was kinda flat and the scene had no dimension. I decided to leave what was on there and do some washes, put more detail in everything, and add more stuff. It really came out better than I thought it would. But, it ain’t no Claude Monet. LOL!!! Remember it is small. It is only 8 inches by 10 inches. Smaller than a sheet of xerox paper. Small painting are a lot harder to do than large. And I think acrylic are a lot harder to do than oils. Acrylics are hard to photograph, because of the shiny finish, thick paint texture and no sun today. The flash washes out.water lilies 1Waterlily 2water lilies 016water lilies 020


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Painted The Barber Shop Twice – Which one do you like?

April 001I painted a picture of a 1907 building with a flower shop in it, and next to it I painted an old barber shop. When I finished it I wasn’t happy, so I painted it again. Of course the drawing was a bit different. I left out the mountains and put in colorful trees. I really like the second one the best, But on the computer the first on looks ok, too. Might frame them both. Which one do you like best???April 022April 023barberBarber 2

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The Easter Bunny Visits Again

turtles watercolor paintings 039The other day I got to school early and there he was again. The Easter Bunny. He was about eight feet from me and he just set there kinda nibbling on some clover. I grabbed my camera out of my school tote and snapped a couple of pictures. Funny thing: About 11:00 I went to my car and on the way back there he was again. He was in the flower bed next to the church. I  guess people leave him alone, ’cause he didn’t move until I moved toward him. Really a pretty animal.turtles watercolor paintings 041turtles watercolor paintings 040turtles watercolor paintings 039

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The Bargains this Week – Things to Do and Redo

April 051On the way to eat on Friday at noon I had a few minutes so I ran into the flea market behind Penjamo’s. I wasn’t looking for anything, but I did find some useful things. I got a crystal angel, a white cream pitcher, a couple of frames and a two foot statue of Mary. The angel will go with my glass nativity set, the pitcher is for a friend that collects them, the frames are to put my primitive watercolors in, and the plaster statue is to paint. I like finding things I can restore.  On Saturday on the way home I saw an estate sign and drove up past McGee Monument and it was Libby, Mary Margaret and Susie having their antique sale. They were cleaning up. They had had it a couple of days. I got a small iron table that only needs a little sanding and some spray paint and a piece of glass cut for the top. Oh, and two more frames for my primitive watercolors. Not too exciting this week, but things for me to play with.flea 1

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