Mountian People Have Inside Yard Sale

( I just found this old post I hadn’t published. It was in the fall.) This weekend the people on the mountain had a yard sale at the old Buchanan clinic. Good thing. It rained all morning. After I exercised I went to see if I could find anything. The only thing I really wanted was too high. so I got a few little things. I spent $10.95  and got some spreaders, small spoons, two strawberry cappers, two creamers for a friend, a silver charm bracelet with 3 enameled flag charms, several tart molds, 2 record holders, 2 tart pans. Christmas berry bushes, brass and glass ashtray, embroidery in brass stand, and a small mirror.  It was good to see several people I knew.saleRoy Dudley 001

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Peanutbutter Cookies

DSCN7182I found the best recipe the other day for peanut butter cookies. It was in the Evening Shade cookbook.  Remember the old TV show, Evening Shade with Burt Reynolds? It was a cookbook made by the people of Evening Shade, AR and the stars of the show. I made the cookies and they were really, really good. Try it.DSCN7184

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Jim’s Sketti

DSCN8804When my brother and sister-in-law’s flight back to Japan was cancelled because of the snow, they were here another day. They asked what was open in Morrilton for breakfast and supper. LOL! A snow day on a week day in Morrilton? I had to cook. We had a nice breakfast and then I cooked my spaghetti. You put ground beef or chuck in a frying pan on low. Salt, pepper, chili pepper, garlic powder, Worchester. Chop up an onion and cook in microwave. In big pan pour in a can of tomato soup, 2 cans of mushroom soup, can of Rotel, and a can of sliced mushrooms. (You can add a can of cream of onion soup instead of the onion, and you can add a can of cheese soup if you want it cheesy.) Turn that on low and stir. Put the onions and meat into the soups and stir.  Cook slowly and stir regularly.  Can be served over any kind of noodle with shredded cheese on top. Have garlic bread or crackers and pickles. This makes a bunch. You can add pepperoni or Italian sausage. Easy and great for so many meals.

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Morrilton Sit and Sew – Jan. 2016 Meeting

DSCN8859 (2)Last Thursday was the January meeting of the Morrilton Sit and Sew  at my studio. Fannie, Becky, Deanna, Joan, Margaret, Dee Ett, Natalie, and I was there. Everyone brought stuff to work on. Natalie showed us her new quilt for her grandchild and she finally finished her quilt with the tree and leopard. It is really beautiful. He does such great original work.

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Miniature Baskets

DSCN8846Last week, to get out of town for a few minutes, I went to the Oppelo flea market. For a big building to have so much stuff, I couldn’t find anything,  but some miniature baskets. Baskets fascinate me. I worked at Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO, in 1969 and 1970 in the broom and basket shop. I collect white oak split baskets of all sizes and kinds.. I have lots of baskets. But, the miniature ones are so hard to find and make. I found 5 miniature baskets. They weren’t white oak, but they were made in China and really small and cute.  I might make pin cushions out of them.

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Roy Dudley’s Sale

DSCN8869Last week Liz and Pete took me to Roy Dudley’s sale in Little Rock. We found some neat things. I got a china dresser set with raised roses, a cut crystal toothpick holder, a glass small spoon, 2 glass salt spoons, a glass perfume bottle, two small figurines, and a hand carved wooden desk pencil holder. When I got home I realized I had left a sack there with a petit point purse, a silver-plated pickle fork and something else, but I forget. Roy, put it back for me for the next time I go back.

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My $2,715 Yard Art Wooden Sculpture

DSCN8876.JPGThe first estimate to cut down the 90-foot tall pine tree that was struck by lightning was $4,000 to $5,000 dollars. Read the find print on your insurance policy. They will pay up to $500 for the LOSS of your tree. They will NOT pay to have it taken down. That’s up to you. The second bid was $2,640 He told me it would be at least 9 trailer loads of limbs and stumps. Funny, I think he only took 3 loads away and he left the HUGE mess in the front yard for the city to clean up. Of course they didn’t “clean” they just picked up the big stuff. I had to pay $500 to have the whole yard done and then I had to go and clean up behind them. If I didn’t get the bark and the wood chips up, the grass was going to die.  I had them cut the stump a little over 3-feet high. He used the chain saw to smooth the trunk top. We saved the three large wedges they cut to drop the tree and made watermelon slices. So, with the paint, brushes, wood fuller and wood sealer, my artsy project only cost $2,715 What do you think?

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