Thanksgiving Cactus Shrimps

A couple of years ago I asked my mother to find me a pink or red Christmas cactus. Mine had died a long hard death. I just wanted a start and she came in one day with a bushel basket one. I took it to school and had it on the computer table by the window for 2 or 3 years. I brought it home and had to bring it in on that first chilly day. I put it in the window above my sewing machine. Well, sir, it’s in full bloom again. The tips start off with a tiny green bud very quickly they form the fluffy shrimp-colored bloom. In a couple of days every bloom will open and it will be a sea of fluffy shrimps. I wish I knew who gave her the cactus. It has really been an easy plant to keep.

Oh, when I was in Pine Bluff Saturday Liz and I drove up to the antique store where she was looking to buy a table and I found a big metal and glass terrarium.  It was really a good deal and I decided I wanted to try my luck at starting seeds and small plants. My friend Gary in Tulsa has little miniature plants he is growing. I am going to get with him and see what we can come up with for me to try and grow. Fun!!


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Roy Dudley’s Sale Twice and Pine Bluff

Last weekend when I got home from Houston Marty and I went to Roy Dudley’s sale in LR.  Well, it was the truckload of stuff I had pack in the mini storage when I purged my house in the spring along with some other people’s stuff.  I was really there to see if there was anything I was needing back, and there are a couple of things I can’t find that might have gotten mixed up with all the boxes. I did buy some stuff which I don’t think was mine. LOL! I got a cut glass cigarette box for a gift,  a couple of stained glass window ornaments for a project,  and several frames. Then this weekend on Saturday Liz and I went to Roy’s again and I got a couple of things. I called last week and they let me pick up a featherweight Singer sewing machine. It had the case and everything.  I, also, got a crystal cut compote for a gift, and a etched crystal egg.   We were on our way to Pine Bluff to see Shepherd’s Florist, pay a bill there, and see their Christmas. I found a couple of  Christmas presents there and a pretty branch. Then we went to an estate sale Roy was doing in Pine Bluff. It was late and we rushed through. And rushed out with an arm load. I got a cut crystal lamp, a package of plastic doilies, a needlepoint purse, a Victorian crazy quilt, and a large painted vase with roses. At another antique store I found a leather belt for a friend that is collecting them, a metal statue of a Roman solider, (I got home and already had one.)  Earlier in the week I stopped at a Conway flea market and picked up a cigar box and a pie server. All in all it was a good week for finds.

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My Show and Tell from Houston

We always have Show and Tell each night at Houston. There are several reasons for doing it, but the main one is someone always finds something you need and they usually remember where they bought it. I am so different from most quilters that go. I don’t look for fabric. I have so much given to me that I will never make up all that I have now. new fabrics bought makes you buy more new fabrics to finish something. I buy fat quarters. I use tons of mini prints and solids. The last day we were there I did find a booth with cheap mini prints, and I bought some for June and me for the black funeral quilt we are making. I did find a vendor with petit point hankies and I bought a bunch. I got some glass buttons and found some pierced glass. Those are buttons with holes in the design. They are hard to find. They break easy. I got a sterling silver antique charm bracelet to fix for a friend and a crystal star charm. I love the wooden stamps make in Africa. I bought one that had some stylistic flowers on it. Oh, I found a rhinestone purse. Phyllis told me to get it, because it could be used in decorating a doll. I did find two booths that had the wool kits for the candle rugs. I got three. One is for a friend. I came home with money. When you quilt as long as I have, you really don’t need anything. But, is was sure fun to go and look.

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My New Needlepointed Table

Several, no not several, many years ago I bought a table at the Bombay Company in Little Rock at the mall. It was a black and gold small round table with a top that came off to insert a needlepoint piece. As soon as I got the table, I found a floral piece to stitch. I got 100% wool tapestry thread to do the background. On my way to Houston I took it and finished it in the car. I came home and blocked it with the iron, and then I stretched it over the cardboard pieces that was supplied under the glass. I had had a punch-type antique doily that was Grandmother TeeTee’s I took out. After cleaning the glass and screwing the top back down I found the date. The table was bought in 1991. So the needlepoint only took me 25 years to complete. LOL!  After all these years I’m going to write my name on the bottom of the table. Someday it might end up in the Smithsonian and I want to get credit for all that work.

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A Walk in the Park

One day at the quit show in Houston we decided to walk across the park to get something to eat at a big grocery store and restaurant. It was a real pretty day and we got to see men constructing a new fountain area, fish in a lily pond, kids playing in a fountain and outdoor sculptures. It was a neat day.

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More Houston Quilts and Special Exhibitions



There were several special exhibitions at the Houston Quilt Show. Three of them really caught my eye. They were the fiber dolls, the antique children’s white clothes and the miniature doll houses and boxes. I really enjoyed these. Here are some pix:

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Quilt Friends at the Quilt Show

I was going to name this post, “I Slept with Three Married Women,” but decided that some kid would see it. LOL! Every time I go to a quilt show, quilt camp, or quilt retreat I am the odd man out, really. It usually costs me 3 or 4 times more to go because I have to stay by myself. All the women quilters share rooms and I am by myself. Once I went to Houston and it cost me $1,000 a night to stay in the same hotel that my friends were booked in,  The hotel had blocked a certain amount of rooms for quilters and they were full.  I told them I wasn’t with the quilters and took the room at business class. Now this trip to the Houston Quilt Show is about my 15th time to go. I was invited to go with my three married quilter good  friends. Plans were to drive and stay in the same hotel and share the costs. All of us have jobs, and homes, and money, but we do like to be thrifty. (We tried to get another room, but they were full up.) So, we got a big room with two kings, and took a blow-up mattress. I don’t sleep, but a few hours, so before the crack of dawn I was up, showered, dressed and down in the lobby doing needlework four hours before they stirred.  It worked out great and saved us a bunch of money. One of the neat things is we are all from different area, but about the same age, and can relate to each other’s family. We all shared stories about parents, kids, and grandkids. We all said we had one of the best times ever. It was laid back, easy, and we all had a great visit. Thanks,  Jackie, Marty, and Phyllis for putting up with me. Oh, I ran into Dot Collins from Beaumont and our friend Allan. Ricky Tims ran up and hugged my neck. It was so good to see him. And Mary Jane and Cloie from the Little Rock guild were in our hotel.


Marty, Phyllis, and Jackie


Allan and Dot


Jim and Ricky Tims


Mary Jane and Cloie

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