New Cross for the Sacred Heart

thumbnail_photo[1]One of the things I was asked to do this summer while I was subbing in the Sacred Heart School office was to straighten and decorate the office and the teacher’s lounge. Mrs. Barbi, her mother, Grandmaw Peggy, and I went shopping to find things that would represent the school and church. We found lots of stuff, but we had to be frugal.  Couldn’t spend a lot. One of the things I wanted to do before I left was to wood burn a big wooden cross for the office. I finished up this weekend nd will go Monday to hang it.  I always draw off in pencil my designs first. I have to remember if it is white on black or black on white designs. Makes a big deal if you mess up. really hard to fix things burnt into wood. I finished it and I think it turned out pretty. What do you think??????

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Floral Painting for Ashleigh

After I got home from supper the Friday night, I decided to do another smaller painting to match Ashleigh’s big painting for her apartment in Fayetteville. Got a smaller canvas, spray painted it silver, let it dry and sorta did tole painting with few brush strokes of acrylic with the colors in the bigger painting. It turn out really neat. New look on and old floral still-life. It really shines in her dining room.

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Ashleigh’s Big Painting

When we were furniture shopping for Liz’s daughter’s apartment, Ashleigh saw a painting she liked in a store. I took a picture of it and she said she wanted one like it for her kitchen. She wanted pink. It was just overlapping squares and rectangles of color on a silver textured background. I had a big canvas and paint so after about 9 months on not being creative I decided that Friday was the day to paint again. I textured the canvas with Gesso and then spray painted it with silver. Then I added the first layer of white squares and rectangles and filled up the canvas. The next phase was to add light pink and get darker. She has some sea foam green and turquoise, so I added a little of those colors. The plan was to get darker toward the bottom. it turned out really pretty. I texted her some pictures and she like it. Yea! Yesterday her family and I went up to give it to her and pick up a few more things she needed. Fun day.

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Stephanie’s Painted Samples

Last week when Precious Stephanie came over she brought me some painted wood samples. She said they were outdated, but she knew I could make something out of them. It only took me a second to realize that the would make great key holders. I went to Ace and bought $27.00 worth of stuff to make key holders. I got fan pull chain, connectors, cup hooks, sea grass rope, and gray acrylic. I had to drill one hole in each board. The small samples had a hole already. I painted the back of the small boards gray so the raw wood and the marker writing would not show. Got the rope and mad hangers, and then put the cup hooks in. I wrote on some of them “Keys” in gold paint pen. I put chains on the small board samples and hung them off the chains. Simple and easy.

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Precious Stephanie needed a Favor

The other day I get a text from Stephanie, the Queen of Donuts and the first lady of Morrilton. (She owns a donut shop and is the mayor’s wife.) She wanted some poster board cut face cut outs for the first day of school. Kids that come to the donut shop on the first day of school could get a funny picture made by sticking their head through a hole in a cartoon. I decided they all had to have donuts on them somewhere. I made a princess, Batman, Mickey, Mouse, a man carrying a stack of donuts, and two big donuts with sprinkles. She liked them and was so excited. I had Stephanie in school, and she is so funny. She calls me “Precious.” LOL!


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Arkansas Quilters Guild – August Meeting 2016

Deanna and I went to the AQG August meeting, On the way we picked up Robin in Conway. We ate our at a pizza place and got to the meeting late. First time ever we were late. I guess we talked too long at supper. LOL! I showed the two tops I was working on at show and tell. They had a purse/bag challenge and Pam Davis won. You know me. I forget everything now. I have a picture of the woman who gave the lecture, but for the life of me I can’t remember. I looked it up. It was Kellie Coleman, Bag Lady Extraordinaire. She had taught a class on bags before the meeting. It was a fun night and we saw lots of bags.

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The Gang went to Marshall’s in Batesville

This past Wednesday our Wednesday sewing group that meets at Mary’s decided to go Marshall’s Fabric Store in Batesville. Margaret drove and we had Deanna, Mary, Wanda, Kay, Margaret and me that went. It sprinkled on us several times, but we made good time and got there in time to do a lot of shopping. I don’t buy fabric now just to buy. I have too much. But, I did find some things I could use with other fabrics I have. So, I did end up buying more than I have in years.  We all decided Mary won the contest for who bought the most fabric. The fabrics I bought are in the top pictures. Like them?????


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