40 Little Christmas Stockings for CAQ

Nov 036 stockings 1 stocking 2The Morrilton gang is going to host the CAQ Christmas party in December. Debbie had given us some Christmas fabric to use at the retreat or for Christmas. We decided to use it for the party. Remember, I made a large tablecloth out of the blue. Well, I had enough scraps to make some placemats and 40 little Christmas stockings to put candy in for the tree. I finished them last night. I might put jingle bells on them if I have time. It was fun. Glad they are made early.


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Fabric Gift from Eddie and Melissa

Before the last meeting oF AQG in Little Rock, Eddie from Benton had texted and told me he had cleaned out their quilt studio and that he and Melissa had 4 boxes of fabric if I wanted them. Duuuuuuuuuuuuh! Why YES!!! Bring it on! I finally got them out of the car and went through i t last night. Wonderful fabrics. Lots of yardage. Truly a fantastic treasure trove of neat, beautiful quilting fabrics. Someone asked me once, “Why do people give you so much fabric?” Well, I guess it is the fact that I WILL use it and make something totally different out of it. Well, there is the challenge. Now to go make something. Thanks, Eddie and Melissa. Best Christmas present I’ll get this year!!!!Nov 033 Nov 034 Nov 035

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Thanksgiving Cactus – Shrimp Colored

My old Christmas cactus bit the dust last year. I asked someone in my family that shall, by request, remain nameless on all my social media, to find me one to go in my pretty pot. Well, a friend of her’s instead of giving me a start, gave me her bushel basket cactus. I didn’t know until last Thanksgiving what color it would be and I was surprised when it bloomed out pinky-shrimpy colored. It was really pretty! Well, it survived another year and it is blooming at school this week right before Thanksgiving. The kids get a kick out of watching the blooms open up. It’s not as pretty as last year yet, but there are more blooms on the way. Happy Thanksgiving Cactus!Nov 003 cactus 1

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Victorian Watercolor Still Life – Fruit and a Compote

Nov 018 This week at school was Grandparent’s Day at Sacred Heart.  Big doin’s for all the little chillins at da skool. I didn’t have much time to paint , because I had to catch up on my grading and clean the room. When I found out I had to go to the big library on GPD, I didn’t have to clean, so I stopped and finished this painting. I loved this frame, so I took my time deciding what to put in it. This one might be a keeper, I like it so much. The frame looks Victorian, old and walnutty. But, it is a fake from Hobby Lobby. Neat frame though. I got the idea off of the net. A still life with fruit and a blue compote. What cha think? Is it okay?Nov 018 wc 2 wc 1

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Dinner with the Foreign Dignitaries

supper 001This week my brother, Lance, has been here from Japan. He arrived on his birthday, Wednesday, so I took him out to Mike’s Place in Conway.  We had a very nice meal and pleasant conversation.  Of course, I have had to work, but he has done stuff and business on the computer. My brother, Craig and his wife Leslie were coming up from Forrest City to see him Saturday, sosupper 006 I told them to go to Mama’s for the afternoon and I would cook dinner. It gave me an excuse to clean up the dining room and get the new table clothes and 106 napkins put away. I cleaned out the linen closet and the 3 linen drawers in the big china cabinet. I hung all the cloths up on white hangers, folded all the napkins and put each set in a zip-loc bag, and arranged all the placements and everyday lines in the cabinet. Then. I set the table andsupper 002 made dinner for the foreign dignitaries. I used my $2.00 yard sale Dresden plates and my $10 set of stainless flatware. The table looked great. I knew I was going to have fried chicken from Harp’s. It’s the best here. I made: Cornbread with chili’s and cheese, broccoli and cheese, candied carrots, cor-on-the-cob, squash and onions, green beans,  and rice and gravy. Mama brought two pies.  It was a great family time. We all had a great visit and a half-way decent meal.supper 003 supper 005 supper 007

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Candle Holder Worth More in Parts

prisms 002When I was in Tulsa, Gary, gave me some old brass from his brother’s store when he retired.  One piece was a 9-branch solid brass candle holder. It was marked $30. No one likes to polish anything now, especially brass. I decided to fix it up and sell it. I had Jeff, the man who can do anything, drill holes for prisms. Well, he drilled them wrong, so he had to drill them again so the prism wires would fit. That was $10.00. I bought a can of spray paint around $4.00, and sprayed it several times to get a good smooth coat. I had already gotten a big bag of crystals at a sale. I needed 45. They are usually $2.00 each. So that would be a total of: $30.00 plus, $10.00 plus, $4.00 plus, $90.00, for a grand total of $134.00.  Well, as I told my brother, I have so much in it now, I’ll have to keep it forever. I love the look. Now where to put it in this mess. LOL! Candle 1 candle 2 frame 004 prisms 002

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Polishing Old Brass Victorian Picture Frames

Oct B 027frame 002When I was in Button Club we learned how to polish all types of buttons. One of the hardest things to polish is brass. The brass cleaner is a greasy liquid and you have to really rub. We found that a small foam sand paper with light sand was the best. I took light steel wool and the foam sand paper to clean both the 3 new brass Victorian frames. I took them to Mr. Raney, my glass man and had mirrors put in all. They really look so much better.frames 003 frames 005frames 1

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