Watercolor Idea from Fabric

When I was at AWOL I got a piece of fabric with old barns. houses, and cows. I decide to sketch the buildings off and paint it. I love the fact that ideas come from so many places.


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Rebel Deluxe Pizza

Sacred Heart Booster Club always sells pizzas as a fundraiser. I bought some and took them to Pete and Liz’s for supper last Sunday. Jim and Ruth Ellen and the Cheeks. It’s always great to be with close friends. After I took a picture of the pizzas I laid the camera down and forgot to get the people. Well, the pizza was great so enough photographs. Liz always sets a pretty table no matter what is being served. I did snap a picture of her pretty everyday dishes on the table. Fun was had by all.DSCN9613DSCN9614DSCN9615

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Jeff and Elizabeth’s Birthday

I was invited to Jeff’s birthday party. When I got there  was a cake for Elizabeth, too. It seemed I forgot when her birthday was. Well, there grew up together and have been friends for years. We had a great time with friends and family. And the food was delish! Happy Birthday to both!DSCN9526

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Easter at the Ettman’s

Jim and Ruth Ellen invited me up for lunch on Easter. It was such a pretty day to travel to the mountain. When I got there their flowers were in bloom everywhere. I didn’t get many pictures of the people. I sorta forgot, but I did get some of their flowers.

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Deviled Eggs

There are so many family recipes for good old Southern Deviled eggs. But, the main thing is that in the South you have to have a deviled egg tray. I have  several, but my favorite one is from my grandmother, TeeTee. Simple easy directions: Boil eggs. Put hot in ice water. After cool, peel. slice in half. Scoop out yellow. break up with fork. Add real mayo, sweet pickle relish, touch of garlic. salt and pepper. I took them up to the mountain for Easter and they disappeared. Funny how that happens.DSCN9491

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Buttons, Buttons, Buttons!

When I was at AWOL my good friend, Marilyn Kinsey, asked me to sort our late friend, Debbie Chance’s, buttons to see if there was lots of money in them. Randall had given them to Marilyn to bring. I got several boxes out of her car and started sorting. When I got through that afternoon I took them to Marilyn and told her what types were in each bag. Well, I got it screwed up. I had sorted all of Marilyn buttons. She told me  if there were any I wanted just pull them out. I made my little pile of 20 buttons.  She pulled  out a few baggies and said, “Now. you take the rest.” Oh, MY! How nice of her. Then I sorted Debbie’s button. Well, I started. It took me two days to go through the two big tubs when I got home. I called Marilyn and told her that there wasn’t a great deal of money involved and that there were no metals, no Victorian,  not many of several colors and just no many of any value. About an hour later I got a call from Marilyn and she said that Randall’s family had already gotten what they wanted and he wanted me to have all the buttons!! Such a nice remembrance.  Thank you both.

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Ship in the Harbor Watercolor

I love doing these little ship pictures with the hills sloping down to a bay in the middle with houses and buildings around. I think they are cute and I love the primitive look. Think it is Ok?

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