Petit Point and Lace Hankies

For years I have collected hankies. I got rid of 500 the last time I cleaned out my house. I now just collect the white lace or bride hankies and the petit point hankies. These are the new ones I found last week.

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Antiquing in Tulsa, Claremore, Joplin and Little Rock

In the past two weeks I have been gone teaching and traveling.  These are the finds I got in Tulsa, Claremore,  Joplin, and Little Rock. Some are Christmas presents, some are for people that collect certain things, and some are to go in my collections. One of my favorite things is a miniature coffee grinder that is a pepper mill.

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Petit Point Purses and Beaded Bags

When I got to Tulsa there was an estate sale of an avid collector of several things. The house was full. But, they had just the things I looked for. I got several petit point purses and 2 beaded bags. I don’t usually buy beaded bags, but these were really great, and in excellent condition. I was so excited to find so many. It has been awhile since I have found some. Oh, one of them was a gift from a friend a couple of weeks ago he found on a trip. Those are the best ones.

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Two Victorian Watercolors

In the last two weeks I got to do some antiquing in Tulsa and some surrounding towns.  Gary, Butch and Dianne took me to several places. I found two more Victorian watercolors of women for my collection. When I got home I thought it was funny that I buy these and they go to a box in the storage closet. I contacted Crystal Bridges and

asked them if they would like to use them to display them or use them for a traveling exhibit. I did here from them and I have sent photos. Maybe, my collection will be hung somewhere sometime. Here are pictures of the two new ones.

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June’s Quilt and the Gang in Fayetteville

On the way back from Joplin I stopped at my quit friend June’s in Fayetteville, and she insisted I stay a couple of days. I got to see my quilt friends Pat, Adele, Grace and her husband Bill.  We had a great time and I enjoyed the rest and fellowship. The second day I was there I didn’t have a thing to do, so I got in her scrap box and made a scrappy mini crazy quilt out of varied fabrics. But, the best part was meeting and eating with her friends at Table 31. We has a blast!!! Thanks, June!!!


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Joplin Workshop

I did a workshop for the Joplin quilter guild and a lecture. It was on the Insanity Block. They, also, wanted me to show them how to weave fabric to make a vase. Here are the pictures from the workshop and a few from the luncheon.

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Glass Collector

When I was in Joplin last week teaching, I stayed with a man my ager and his 91 year old sister. It was a very nice two days. He is an avid glass collector. His collection was all over his house in cabinets and shelves. The thing I noticed that his collection was so varied. But, he had the same shaped pieces in different colors and different sizes. The colors were really beautiful. A lot of it was from the Lefton company. I think they are out of business now. I hope you enjoy his collection as much as I did.

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