The Wizard of OZ Challenge Quilt for AQG

Oz 2pattern and food 001Our retreat at Ferndale, Arkansas, for the Arkansas Quilters Guild is coming up. The theme this year is the Wizard of OZ. I decided to do a quilt based on the four characters walking down the yellow brick road to the Emerald City. I made the background first and then fused on the flowers and yellow road. Then I made all four characters by them self and tapped them down on my Teflon sheet for easy moving. Go the characters done and then the Emerald City. I thread painted and embroidered with the machine each piece. Now to quilt it before the retreat.Oz 1photo (6)

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The Wicked Witch of the West Quilt

End of August 2015 085A friend gave me some Wizard of Oz fabric years ago. It is in 3  different pieces and has picture likeness of the characters and scenes on each piece. One had a large panel of The Wicked Witch of the West. I decided to use it as a center block and built around it. It took me all day and toward the end of the day I realized I had not cut the center square square,so everything is messed up after that. I figured, and figured  until I got the thing together and just stopped. it needs something, but I’ll figure that out later after its quilted.End of August 2015 091witch

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Sit and Sew at Mary’s First Week in August

ML 1Mary had sit and sew on Wednesday. I was tired and had to go to lunch with friends, so I didn’t really do anything except a little needlepoint. Margaret was working on owl blocks for a quilt, Dee Ett was working on some Christmas pot holders for the retreat. Deanna was working on a bull’s-eye quilt, and Mary was helping her  granddaughter’s make their first quits. It was a fun day to be with 2

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Petit Point Purse Canvas Given By My Old Neighbor

petit point purseGrowing up at Forrest City we had wonderful neighbors. For a long time it was us and them. We lived by our grandparents and out neighbors were the Thomas family. Mrs. Thomas lived across the pasture with her son A.F. Thomas. He was my choir teacher and grew up with a member of my family that by request shall remain nameless on my social media. Next doo to them was his sister Venicee and her daughter Lana Mann. Now on the other side of the 40 acres was Mary Ellen and Jim Halbert. They lived next to Papaw and Tee Tee. She was Venicee and A.F’s sister. Next door to them was Velmajean and Leo Gray and their son John. Velmajean was a sister to the other three Thomases. And next door to them was Mrs. Gray, Leo’s mother. So basically for years it was just the two families on Campbell Drive. I got a message from Lana that Mary Ellen wanted to mail me something. When I got it, it was a petit point purse canvas that had been done by Mary Ellen years ago. It even had the extra thread. I was thrilled to get it,especially since I had known them all my life. Thank you, my dear friend and neighbor. I can’t wait to get it put together.pattern and food 003

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Trying to Eat Healthy Involves Cooking My Way

food 009You can’t loose weight eating out. Impossible. I eat out with friends at least 3 times a week. It doesn’t matter what place we go to there are only  a few things that don’t involve grease, flour, salt or carbs. It’s always the lesser of the evils. Then sometimes I just don’t care. My friend Debbie has been trying to cook healthy and I started back. Last week I made five TV tray dinners with turkey and vegetables. Today, I made six meals I can take to school and heat up for lunches and suppers. I cooked chicken in the oven, black beans, lima beans, carrots, and squash and onions. I did enough for the week and put it in divided bowls with lids. Add a little salad, or tomatoes, or carrots, you got a great meals.It’s cheaper, easy, and basically non-fattening. food 011food 012

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Lemon Ice Box Ice Cream Pie – OMG!

photo (3)  food 002                                                                                                                                                           I ate with friends last Wednesday and for dessert we had Yarnell’s Lemon Ice Box Ice Cream. OMG!!! It was wonderful. Cool and light and creamy with a tang of lemon and graham cracker crust mixed in. Well, I got the idea of making a pie with the Yarnell’s. I got two containers of Lemon Ice Box Ice Cream and two large graham cracker crusts. I let the ice cream thaw a little so I could scoop it up and lay it in the shell. I only did one. Well, it is re-freezing now and I am going to put a layer of Cool Whip on top. If I have any maraschino cherries I might decorate it with those. Can’t wait to try it. May take it to the mountain tonight for 001food 005food 006

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What Eating Out Really Costs – Everyone Should Read This

Chicken salad sandwichI did an experiment based on the meal I ordered out at a restaurant the other night. I ordered a chicken salad sandwich and a Diet Coke. The sandwich came with a pickle spear and a handful of chips. The Diet Coke was half ice and half drink. The bread was supposed to be toasted, but it was spongey and soggy, and there wasn’t enough chicken salad to barely taste. But, that’s beside the point. My ticket was $10.14 with a $2.00 tip my total bill was $12.14. (Oh, no refill on the drink. I walked away hungry.) Today, I went Wally-World to get a few things and I decided to buy the 5 items that I had at the restaurant and see what they would cost if I had made the same meal at home. There were 13 pickle spears in the jar at a cost of 16 cents each. The loaf of bread had 22 slices at 13 cents a piece. The big bag of individual chips ended up being 31 cents a bag. The chicken salad I had to go to Kroger’s for and it was freshly made from roasted chicken. There was about 4 servings in the container for a cost of $1.11 a serving. I got a big Diet Coke which would be about 6 ½ servings at 30 cents a serving. So, the meal I had today at lunch cost me $2.13 including tax. But, remember, I don’t have a wholesale number or a tax number. So, if I have the same meal for four days it will only cost me only $8.56 and I will still have 14 slices of bread left.9 pickle spears left, 16 bags of chips left, and 27 ½ ounces of Diet Coke left. Don’t think I’ll be ordering that meal again.

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