Antiquing in Waggoner, Alma, Van Buren and Fort Smith

Antique 2On the way to and from Waggoner, OK,  last weekend I stopped and antiqued. I stopped and Alma on the way and shopped at the two big flea markets on both sides of I-40. When I got to Waggoner I stopped at several and didn’t have time to stop at two downtown. Oh, I went to one huge one on the way into Waggoner. It was really something to see. A huge building and there was NOTHING, I mean NOTHING he could have given me to take home. To have that much stuff and it all be either, ugly, rusty or old pop bottles, was something.  I went to the historic part of old  Van Buren and all five were gone. I didn’t find a one. So, I called a friend in Morrilton and they gave me the address of two flea markets, so I went there. Lots of fun!!! I found several goodies.  Some people think I buy weird, but you have to know why I buy. This trip I added to the whisk broom collection, the 1950’s little china animal collection, the miniature chair collection, pin cushion collection, petit point thimble collection, petit point hanky collection, artist holding a palette collection, the basket collection, my stainless flatware. crystal paper weight collection, beaded purse collection, china salt collection, cut crystal tooth pick collection, miniature crystal collection, bought a teacup to make a teacup garden, bought containers to make pin cushions, bought several Christmas presents. and several frames to paint pictures in. Might not make sense to you, but makes sense to me. LOL! I have a friend that always says, “If you take all that money and buy something really antique and good you’d not be wasting your money.” Well, each to his own. I enjoy my crap.Antiques 1 Antiques 3 Antiques 4 Antiques 5

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Quilt Arkansas Insanity

At Quilt Arkansas this Saturday I taught my Insanity Quilt. It is not a pieced block or an appliqued block. It is a woven block. We had a great time and I think they all enjoyed it. See the results:I 1 I 2 may 2013 080 watercolor quilt Arkansas 033 watercolor quilt Arkansas 037 watercolor quilt Arkansas 039

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I Won 2nd Place at Quilt Arkansas

watercolor quilt Arkansas 023The Arkansas Quilters Guild in Little Rock held their Quilt Arkansas retreat at Ferndale this weekend.  They had a quilt contest with the theme, “Yellow Brick Road.” I entered and won second place. I only got to see them long enough to photograph them, so I don’t know who were the winners were. The poppy quilt and the big withch won ribbons.winner 2 winners 1

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Floral Watercolor Based on a Card from Jackie

watercolor quilt Arkansas 010On the way home from a quilting retreat Jackie called and wanted to drop off a big box of greeting cards and magazines for my art class. I went through the box and there was a stunning floral. It was a small oil painting. I found a frame I thought it would work in and drew it off. One of the reasons I like it was the black background. I painted it then started to put in the black background. I can’t make up my mind if I like it or not. What do you think about the black???WC 1 wc 7wc 2Watercolor tablecloth 002

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Belle Point Quilters September 2015 Meeting

The Belle Point Quilter’s Guild in Fort Smith invited me to do a workshop and a lecture for their September meeting. We went to Mama’s Log House and had the workshop there. That evening we met at a senior citizens place for the meeting and lecture. BP 1 BP 2 BP 3

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Morrilton Sit and Sew September 2015 Meeting

The regular meeting of the Morrilton Sit and Sew was last Thursday at my house. Natalie, Becky, Robin, Joan, Deanna, Margaret, Dee Ett and Mary L. came.  Joan was working on a cocoon for her grand baby. Deanna was working on a quilt. Natalie was crocheting. Dee Ett showed 2 quilts she was working on. Robin was tying a quilt. Dee Ett showed some fabric Christmas ornaments she is making for our Christmas party in Conway. Margaret was working on a t-shirt for her grandson. We always have a good time.SS 1 SSD 2 SS 3

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Oklahoma Pow Wow Quilting Retreat – Part 2

PW 4 PW 5 PW 6 PW 7

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