W.N.S. – May 24th

Last week I was gone, but the week before last I had Wednesday Nite Supper.  I decided to do Italian sausage, black-eyed, peas, cauliflower, stuffed celery, corn-on-the-cob, cornbread sticks, and a relish tray.  I made two cinnamon pecan apple pies and served them with ice cream. But I do not remember all who came. It was Blake and Cindy, Maggie, Will, Martha and Stewart, Ben and Debbie, me and a couple of others. LOL! I’m getting so forgetful.

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W.N.S. – May 17th – German Food

Wednesday Nite Supper on May 17th was in honor of Daniel coming back home from Germany. I cooked sauerkraut, bratwurst sausages, potatoes au gratin, German green beans, candied carrots, garlic rounds, German chocolate cake and strawberries. The guests were; Blake and Cindy, Maggie, Will, Carol and Ken, Addie, Daniel, Ben and Debbie, Beth, and Ann.

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Black Funeral Quilt

DSCN3519Last week I went to Fayetteville to stay with my friend June and work on a quilt that I started designing over 20 years ago.  The bottom part of the quilt design is about a prince that was born in Africa, and grows up there. He is captured as a young adult and brought to America. He was sold as a slave and ended up on a plantation married with children. he grows old and tells his grandkids his story. The top part of the quilt is his funeral and him flying to heaven where the angles are singing and dancing. I made 4 blocks and June made three. We had a great time.



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The Surprise Nine-Patch Quilt Top

I am working on a jelly roll quilt top. I got two different jelly rolls and decided to cut nine  2 1/2 inch blocks from each strip. Then I started making nine-patch blocks.  When I get through with making up all the nine patches, I will sew the rest in 3 strips. After that I will cut the three strips and insert all the  nine patch blocks, scattering them through the fabric. The surprise is you will have to figure out where the nine patches are. And you never can tell what color is going to be by what color.

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Jackie and Marty’s Quilting Visit

Last weekend I had my very close quilting friends, Jackie from Maumelle and Marty from the Fayetteville area come for 3 days of sewing. It was the best time. Marty brought lunch stuff with chicken salad and spreads, and I fixed ham and beans, and cornbread one night. Then Jackie fixed her chicken, sausage, and rice dish. All was yummy! We quilted, and sewed, and cut out, and drew, and measured, and had a great time.

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Sock Monkey Fabric

When Riley gave me the 3 sacks of fabric, there was a little piece of sock monkey fabric. I have a close friend that collects sock monkeys, so I made her 2 hanging miniature Christmas stockings and a couple of mug rugs. A mug rug is a small quilted piece for a cup of coffee and a small plate. Hope she will like them this Christmas.

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The Fishing Cabin Quilts

DSCN2907I have a friend that has a fishing cabin. In Riley’s  three bags of scraps there was fishing, cabins, moose, landscape and woodland fabrics. I decided to try and make a table runner and a fishing wall hanging for their cabin. I ran out of black top stitch thread, so I had to stop and order some. I had fabric  still so I made some small table toppers.  I gave them to my friends as an early Christmas present. I hope they like them!

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