Facelift for the Convent Bathroom

SH Graduation watercolor queen 042In the convent I used to have an art storage closet in the hall until they took it to put a heating and cooling unit in it. Well, I ended up using the bathroom cabinets and storage to put stuff in. I have been cleaning out those drawers and I found the left over paint they painted the bathroom a few years ago. While weSH Graduation watercolor queen 047 were waiting for Mrs. Barbi and Paige’s large painting to dry, I washed the walls around the paint sink and dried them. I got the gray paint out and stirred it up. It was still really good paint. I just used a medium width brush and gave it a couple of quick coats and then scraped the paint off the sink.Yes, I know I will have stars waiting for my crown, etc. But, it just needed cleaning. Now it’s done and ready for the next year. Yea, Me!!!SH Graduation watercolor queen 050Bathroom 1

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Barbi and Paige Paint for Grandmaw Peggy

SH Graduation watercolor queen 039This weekend Mrs. Barbi and her daughter, Paige, wanted to finish a painting they started for Barbi’s mother, Peggy. Paige had started a cute 1960’s-like painting on a huge stretch canvas of a woman reclining on a couch. She never finished it and graduated last year. Mrs. Barbi saw it in the art room and decided they’d paint over it and paint something colorful for Grandmaw Peggy’s kitchen.Mrs. Barbi gessoed the canvas and I helped draw off the painting from a couple of ideas we found on the net. We met at the art room on Saturday afternoon and they finished it. They had already been up a few times to work on it. Then when everything was dry we used paint pens to accent. We took it to Grandmaw’s and it is going to be so cute over the breakfast room table. Then we decided to go to Hobby Lobby in Russellville to get more paint and eat at Taco Villa. We all piled in and ate and then went to Hobby Lobby. CLOSED! We got there too late. But, we had fun and enjoyed the day.barbi 1barbi 2SH Graduation watercolor queen 040

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Sacred Heart Graduation 2015

SH 1SH 2SH 4SH 5SH Graduation watercolor queen 066SH Graduation watercolor queen 083SH Graduation watercolor queen 085SH Graduation watercolor queen 087SH 3

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Mother’s Day Flea Marketing

Flea markets on Mothers Day 009Yesterday, was family time, because of a graduation. So, Pete and Liz and I wanted to go junking today on Mother’s Day.  We went to both of  Roy Dudley Sales. one was half of half and the other was 20 % off. Boy, we got the bargains. Liz bought all kinds of crystal and cut glass, and even a small hand-painted watercolor. I got my usual stuff.  Crystal, sterling, cups and saucers to make tea gardens and pin cushions, wooden doll house chair to do a petit point cushion, a wooden bird to wood burn, a split oak basket, some small German figurines, and a rack for yarn or towels. We had a great day and ran around in Jacksonville some. I have never been there to go to the flea markets.  It was a good day except for the flood on the way home on I-40. Flea M 3 Flera M 2Flea markets on Mothers Day 009

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Arkansas Tech Graduation and a Family Member

Watercolor graduation 026 Watercolor graduation 027I have this family member that shall remain nameless on all my social media by request. But, that doesn’t stop me from being so very proud of her. She graduated yesterday from Arkansas Tech University. I was invited to go, so I took another family member and we headed out early. The rest of the family and the future in-laws were going to meet us there. I have always known she was sharp, and pretty, and smart. But, I didn’t know how really smart she is. She started four years ago in the honors program at Tech her freshman year and she and only 4 others completed it. She graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business. She had a summer job last year and she will start to work for that company in a couple of weeks. I am very proud of her and all she has accomplished.Watercolor graduation 031

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Mrs. Love’s Roses

Watercolor graduation 003Every year I post about Mrs. Love’s roses. I bought my house on Indian Lane from Mrs. Love. She and Mr. Love were neighbors years ago on North Morrill Street. Judy G. told me that Mrs. Love was selling her  house on Indian Lane and it would be a perfect house for me. I called the realtor and went to look at it. Mrs. Love was there and she gave me the tour opening up doors and closets and telling me all about it. Then she said, “Jim, if you want my house it’s Watercolor graduation 003$_ _, _ _ _ .” The realtor was shocked. I told her I would take it, but her new house wasn’t finished being built, so we waited five months to continue and complete the deal. Outside the back door was 5 or 6 rose bushes. They have been cut back and died and have gotten spindly through the years, but the last two still produce wonderful roses. I almost let this year’s first roses slip by. I just happened to see some red shining out from under a shrub and when I checked it out there were several red roses in full bloom. I try to always post about My old neighbor Mrs. Love, because Judy G. was a close friend and I would take her roses at school when there were in bloom as a remembrance of her friend and her family.Watercolor graduation 004 Watercolor graduation 005 Watercolor graduation 006 Watercolor graduation 007 Watercolor graduation 008

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The Covered Bridge – Latest Primitive Watercolor

Watercolor graduation 013I hate it when teaching, and house, and dog, and life gets in the way of my creating. It took me two weeks to paint this watercolor. Too much going on at school with spring festival and seniors leaving early, etc. I made myself go to school early Friday to get this finished. I named it “The Covered Bridge.” I love the little “sheeps,”  the clothes line and the little stream running through the valley. Hope you like it, too.WC ! sheep Watercolor graduation 013sheep wc 2 Watercolor graduation 018

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